It’s only days away, and the Hollywood’s elite are no doubt already preparing themselves for this year’s Oscar congregation in LA’s sumptuous Kodak theatre. The Oscars are the glitziest event of the year with the most stunning dresses and elaborate hair and make-up money can buy. Oh, and there’s even something for film lovers too!The 79th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday 25th February is when the movie industry presents the highest of cinematic honours – the infamous golden Oscar statuette. It is hard to believe a ticket to the first Academy Awards was $5. It is now the hottest ticket of the year, but unless you’ve been invited you don’t stand a chance of getting in.On this special Oscars night, Claudia Winkleman will be the host of the live show for Sky Movies.

A popular English TV presenter and journalist, the 35 year old has appeared on the likes of the Beeb’s Holiday programme, the National Lottery, the entertainment show Liquid News and The House of Tiny Tearaways.

She’s also a regular contributor to The Sunday Times, The Independent, the Metro and Cosmopolitan magazine.

Claudia lives in London with her husband Kris Thykier and two kids Jake, 3, and Matilda, 1. FemaleFirst were able to have a chat with her whilst she took a break from feeding her baby daughter to ask about Fame Academy, fashion and fishnets.How’s motherhood going at the moment - would you like more children in the future?It’s fine. I love it – I like juggling. I’d like a hundred more – if you see my husband can you please ask him. What fashion trends do you think we can expect at this year's Oscars?Oh God! I just think it will be more and more glamorous. I remember like 12 years ago when Cindy Crawford wore a red dress and everybody was like “Wow, that’s pretty out there.” But they seem to better themselves each year and I think that the pressure is on for them to get it right. Whereas 15 or 20 women would get a lot of coverage for their particular dress, now there’s only really room for one or two proper stars of the catwalk – so the actresses must be terrified. One bad decision – like deciding yellow and purple look good together and you’ll be forever thought of as badly dressed.

The ceremony is to be broadcast in HD for the first time – do you think this will be a major extra concern amongst some of the celebs?

High definition is good. It can only be good, particularly for us as viewers because we can see everything. See every little detail. (Laughs) If there’s like a thread falling off a dress or, you know, like my favourite clutch bag is so old that it actually doesn’t close. They can’t get away with stuff like that with HD.

Is there anybody that you feel tends to get quite overlooked by the Oscar panel each year?

I don’t think that many people are overlooked. Like Kate Winslet, it’s about her fifth time for being nominated though. You do sort of think “Oh she’s not going to win, because probably Helen Mirren will” But I still think she’s a fantastic actress – five times nominated. She’s only about 12 years old and yet still gets such roles. The person who I’d love to see get Best Director is Paul Greengrass for United 93. He won a Bafta and that’s what I’m praying for but I don’t think I’ll be right.

I also love the film Pans Labyrinth – I’d like that to win everything that it’s up for and I really like Abigail Breslin in Little Miss Sunshine. I thought she was brilliant.

The Beauty Countdown is on at the moment for the awards. What will you be wearing on the night?

I think I’m going to wear a track suit (Laughs) No I won’t really. I’m going to get properly glammed up. I’m not going to try and compete with the gorgeous girls. Maybe a pair of fishnets and a feather coming out of my ear and we’ll be away.

What’s your best piece of fashion advice?

It’s never ok to wear a beret!

Oscar style is a double edge sword. Lets be bitchy -which celebrity would you personally like to do an Oscar makeover on?

See I always disagree with people. I think Bjork’s swan dress was the best one that anybody has ever worn to the Oscars, but mainly because we’ll never forget. It’s better than wearing another f***ing black dress. I’m right up there for the Swan. I thought Celine Dion’s half – what did she wear – she wore a backwards tuxedo was particularly gruesome. Cher’s feathered and cashmere costume was all right. She’s very bonkers; she’s allowed to wear whatever she wants.

I liked the Cate Blanchett yellow Valentino dress from a few years ago.

Did you ever write to a film/ TV idol when you was a kid – tell us about it?

Yeah – Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran. I thought he was great. I was a proper “Duranie.”

You’ve been a travel writer for a number of British newspapers for many years – which particular place in the world have you found yourself falling for?

Wow, so many. I think India is pretty amazing and I love Costa Rica and Wales. I’ll go anywhere, but now that I have nine million children it’s harder to put them on a plane.

You once said you'd do Playboy for a bag of crisps…..

I would do a lot of things for a packet of crisps, honestly but since the nine million children nobody wants to see me naked.

What would be your recommendations for getting into the Oscar spirit?

Oh a glass of champagne, toasted cheese sandwiches and wearing very uncomfortable shoes. That’ll do it.

There are plenty of showbiz parties after the awards. When was the last time that you were so drunk, you threw up?

Not for a long time and I hate throwing up! After my finals, probably.

What’s the most outrageous thing that you’ve ever seen at a bash?

Jeez Louise! I don’t go to enough of them. Chris Eubank eating a Terry’s chocolate orange. C’mon Claudia, spill some gossip. No Seriously, Chris Eubank eating a Terry’s chocolate orange. (She Laughs)

I believe you once told people you’d played cricket with the Iron Lady herself – Maggie Thatcher - and then confessed to a journalist that you had made it all up and were a compulsive liar….

Yes I just made that up. I make everything up (Laughs)

It’s just been announced that you’re going to be the new host for Comic Relief does Fame Academy this year – how are you feeling about that? – Are you nervous about taking over from Cat Deeley at all?

No, I’m looking forward to it – I can’t wait. It’s for charity, and I’m beside myself I’m so excited. I love Paddy and it’s such a good format.

Patrick Kielty tends to clash with one of the judge’s Richard Park. Can we expect fireworks again this time round?

Oh yes – I love that. It’s real, you know, it’s not made-up. It’s not panto, which is fantastic.

Who do you think will surprise viewers in the Celeb talent contest and prove to be a bit of a dark horse? – Names that have been mentioned include Shaun Williamson, Linda Robson and Tara Palmer Tompkinson.

Oh, no I’m not even allowed to say any of the names of anybody who's going in. Otherwise I’m gunned down! If I had to stay in the Academy I would choose to stay with Nigella Lawson then she could tell me how to cook.

What Karaoke classic always gets you up singing?

Oh shit. Anything by the Spice Girls.

You present Strictly Come Dancing’s sister show – “It Takes Two.” What do you think about the last series with the benefit of hindsight – should Mark Ramprakash have won it?

It’s so not up to me – but yeah, I thought he was a very worthy winner. His dancing was pretty brilliant.

I will be coming back for Strictly at the end of the year. Great – I love it although I can’t dance.

You’ve been an interviewer for years, particularly when you were the presenter of the BBC’s Liquid News – is there anybody that has ever been offended by your questions?

Nobody apart from the pop group S Club 7 who walked off. That was just my fault because I asked them a cheeky question. Not that I know – I’m sure some of them leave and go, “God she was a nightmare.” But to my face they’ve always been smiley.

Do you like being interviewed?

No I don’t – maybe because I think I’ve got nothing interesting to say.

Both your parents were journalists as well – have you ever felt pressurized to follow in their footsteps?

No I haven’t, but I’ve always been interested in newspapers and journalists. I love writing my column. But I don’t think I’ve ever felt pressurized.

Going from one all the way up to ten – how big of a “luvvie” are you?

Oh two, I hope. No I try not to do that “oh darling” stuff.

Looking at current news – what do you think about Britney Spears at the moment – she’s splashed all over the tabloids?

I think Britney needs a cuddle.

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