Miss Cotton looking lovely as always

Miss Cotton looking lovely as always

Collaborating with highstreet store Boots, Fearne is set to lauch her brand new range of makeup sets and palettes just in time for Christmas gifts and the party season.

Talking about the collection, Fearne, Miss Cotton told FemaleFirst: " I've always been really into makeup so it was really fascinating getting to see behind the scenes and how it all works at Boots.

"There are all these beautiful gift sets, new stuff with nail art - lovely zebra and leopard print nail stickers, and also new body lotion, shower gel and candle that's being launched as well. There's loads of different lip gloss sets, eye palettes and nail varnishes."

The whole production process was just as enjoyable as seeing the finished products for Fearne as she loved every minute of the project. The new versatile range includes everything from smokey eye shadows to funky nail varnishes, with something for the girliest of girls to the edgiest of trend-setters.

"The design element is really cool for me as well, I get to really get involved with how the packaging looks and the different components that we're going to use. That for me is a really exciting part of it as well," Fearne explains.

"I set about doing moodboards for the packaging and so I take those in and collate all of the art work, sit with the design team and work out how it's going to look. We then get to looking at the palettes, colours and the makeup itself and working it out."

Makeup is really important and as a woman can make you feel empowered. Just to be able to express yourself in a way men don't really get to do

"I'm just really chuffed with it, it's such a great project to work on."

So what is it about makeup that draws this talented radio DJ to this scene?

"I guess it's such a selfish thing - I love having so much makeup," she ponders.

"Makeup is really important and as a woman can make you feel empowered. Just to be able to express yourself in a way men don't really get to do. We get to wear our feelings on our face, we can show people if we're feeling confident or moody or glamorous or whatever and that's why I love makeup so much."

While Fearne says she draws inspiration for her line and her own individual style from watching what trends are wearing on the street, through music influences and people she has been lucky enough to interview, her main inspiration for the collection comes from those closest to her in life: Her girlfriends.

"If I can always invisage one of them wearing some of the products that really helps me find what I want colour-wise."

Of course she has her favourites in the collection. Notably the leopard and zebra print nail stickers that she says give a cool look, are something a little different and very easy to apply.

"Out of the new Christmas stuff there is a really bright Silver-In-The-Night shade and if you do a couple of layers it's the most beautiful shade and colour so I'm definitely looking forward to wearing that for parties," Fearne adds.

As well as having a love for green nail varnishes this season (very on-trend) and coral lip shades, like the rest of us, Fearne sticks to nice and simple if she's in a rush: "If I'm in a rush I just stick some red lipstick on and layers of mascara and I think you can get away with not wearing a full face of makeup then so that's quite a good fail safe to do if you're in a bit of a hurry."

She also admits to feeling naked not wearing her black, chunky eye liner from her own range everyday and has a secret tip for an edgy, rock-chick look:

"I quite like smudged makeup. Put your makeup on and then smudge it about a bit and then put it back on over the top of it and you get a nice rock look," Fearne enthuses.

There are plans to expand and her shower gel and body lotion are just the beginning. Fearne wants to become more experimental with ideas for next Christmas - we asked her if there was any inspiration for that, perhaps a Downtown Abbey themed set?

She laughs.

"Well yeah... vintage crockery has definitely been a point of reference for this collection."

Watch this space...

Fearne's make up range is available exclusively in Boots stores nationwide now.

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