English actress Jodi Albert, was born in 1983, London on the 22nd July. Although acting is her most common type of work she sometimes does glamour modelling and has appeared in a girl band, “Girl Thing” in 1999-2000.Jodi Albert has made appearances in hollyoaks, California dreaming, Casualty and more recently her own sitcom “respectable” and soon to be screened “The Katy Brand Show”.One of Jodi’s latest projects is working for a “Kinder chocolate” campaign, which she loves doing because of her love for Kinder Bueno!What are you doing for the Kinder campaign?
“Basically I am involved in a digital campaign, whereby I am kind of the face of their website where there is loads of young girls or women or whoever can come online and get involved and watch little bits that have been done around London, and also enter competitions where you can win fabulous prizes like Jimmy Choo shoes. It’s just to promote the chocolate as something you shouldn’t feel guilty about, it’s light hearted and cheeky and happy, a little bit of what you fancy.” What were your first reactions when you were approached for the campaign?
“Well, I loved it because I love Kinder Bueno and I was like “yay I get loads of chocolate”. I am a girl, when I am hormonal I love stuffing my face with chocolate it makes me happy, it releases happy endorphin’s.”You have recently been involved in the Katy Brand show, what was your role in that? And did you enjoy working for it?
“I did, I loved it, its comedy and I love doing comedy. I was in about three episodes and it was great she’s a fantastic comedian. It’s kind of like the Catherine Tate set up where she is obviously the main actress and she has all the other comedy actresses around her and I was lucky enough to be one of the comedy actresses with her. It was loads of fun and really funny, so I was happy to be involved.”Have you got a favourite show or T.V series you most enjoyed working for?
“I loved working for my sitcom that I did called “respectable”, that was for channel 5. I loved everything about it, it was just so funny I was going to work and I would read some of the scripts and I would absolutely be in hysterics laughing at the scripts because the writing was just so good, and the filming and everything was just so funny and light hearted it was a real pleasure to film it, every single day for 6 weeks and I looked forward to going to work and getting up early, I don’t usually get excited about getting up early so that’s saying a lot for me.”Is it true that you will be appearing in some films in the near future? Can you tell me a bit more about them?
“I am about to start shooting a new film called “The Story of”. It’s only a small part, I play a feisty bar made and it’s about a male rock band, its comedy again and its very tongue in cheek and kind of micky taking about the whole music industry. I start shooting that in Budapest in November.”

You were in a band called Girl Thing, this was your first taste of stardom, do you still do a bit of singing?
“I have been singing really since I was about 14 I suppose professionally, and I got into Girl Thing when I was 15. Obviously I was very young we were a manufactured girl band and I loved it because it introduced me to the music industry and ever since really I have always kept up my singing. Not really in the limelight, just as a personal thing. I have always enjoyed it and acting just seemed to overshadow it. So I just went with what was working at the time, but I love music and singing if I did something in the future it would have to be done properly I wouldn’t do the manufactured thing again.”

Your in a relationship with Kian from Westlife, is it hard to get some time alone with him, with you both having busy schedules?
“You know what we do ok. We live with each other so we are usually busy during the day unless he’s got a gig on or I’m filming on a night shoot but apart from that we do get to spend quite a bit of time together. We have quite a strong relationship if I’m not working I come and see him and when he’s not working he comes to see me. So you just make it work it’s all we have ever known really we met through the industry and we have always been that way.”

Kian is talking a year out from working have you got any plans for that time?
“Well, I am not taking a year out I’m working my butt off but I’m sure me and Kian will manage to fit in a few more holidays next year than we did this year because Kian was very busy this year. So yeah we hope to travel a little bit next year when I have some down times.”

Have you got any plans for starting a family with Kian in the near future?
“Not in the near future, definitely at some point but not so soon. I have got a lot of things I want to do with my career. I feel like I am only really just starting out, so I feel like there is loads of stuff I want to do first before I settle down and have babies.”