I take the mickey out of myself, I laugh at myself and we have a good laugh - it’s a really fin night of entertainment.

- Also you are currently on the Beeb with a new series of Torchwood so what's on the cards for Jack in the new series?

Oooohhh, I can’t tell you because there are a couple more episodes to go but it is going to be a shocker - that’s all I am going to say.

- Yourself and Eve Myles are the only two remaining characters left so how strange was it for you going back to a whole new set of co-stars?

It actually wasn’t strange at all because the show really is myself and my co-star Eve - without either of us there really is now show; and I don’t think that the fans would like it if either Jack or Gwen disappeared.

But having new stars in the show is a nice thing because it makes if fresh for us; it ups the game a bit and chances things.

Also the show has gone more international so all of a sudden we have got Bill Pullman involved and Mekhi Phifer from ER and Lauren Ambrose from Six Feet Under, these are all shows that I have watched; for goodness sake I use to fancy Bill when I was younger and he was on Space Balls. It was not strange it was more exhilarating to have a new cast.  

- So how have you found working alongside the likes of Mekhi Phifer and Bill Pullman?

They are great - I know that you guys would love us to say that they are awful and there are tantrums and they are mean spirited - but again when I do a show I always lay the ground rules, in a quiet way so people don’t really know that I am doing it, but I like people to be well behaved and treat each other nicely.

It’s a good family atmosphere and you can bring your kids on, if it’s an appropriate day to bring them to meet everyone. We all sit down to lunch together so it really is a big family atmosphere and that’s good.

- This time around the show is a co-production between Britain and the US so how have you found that - and shooting in America?

The co-production between the BBC and Starz is probably the best thing that has really happened to Torchwood this year, a lot of people may disagree with me, but the main reason I say that is because without the collaboration there would not have been another series of Torchwood - there just wasn’t the money there for it.

So that is the reason that we are existing and thank goodness because Starz are allowing us to continue down the route that we have always gone down; being edgy, unique, different. 

And filming in American the only thing that is different is there is more fun on set (laughs) - the ironic thing is it’s all the crew that eat the food and drink the drinks but the actors and actresses don’t really do it because everyone want’s to stay slim and not put on any weight (laughs).

- And how have you found the response to the new series - particularly in America?

In the States it has gone down really really well - we just have to keep our fingers crossed to see if there is another series on the cards - but again that’s not my decision it’s a decision by the powers that be at Starz and the BBC.

But I have had a great experience filming in the States; it allowed me to see my parents every weekend, so it worked out well for me.

- Obviously Captain Jack originated in Doctor Who so are there any plans to see you meet Matt Smith's Doctor?

Captain Jack to meet Matt Smith’s Doctor I have no idea - all the fans seem to want it and they have all thought it would be a good boost in things for the show. But I have heard nothing from BBC drama and no one seems to be talking about it so I don’t know if it will happen.

- Last time we spoke they were in the process of casting the role of the Doctor so what do you think of Smith so far?

I think he is very good he does what he is supposed to do and he has put his stamp on the tin (laughs). He is very different from David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston and that is the whole point each Doctor should be different and make their own mark and he has done just that.

- Finally what's next for you - are there any acting plans away from Captain Jack and Torchwood?

Yes I am doing a guest starring role BBC show Hustle, which I am filming at the moment. I have been offered a couple of TV series in America but I cannot say if I can do those because of my commitment to Torchwood - but I have to wait to find out what will happen with Torchwood.

And I was offered a movie, well I shouldn’t say that, they checked my availability for a movie, it’s directed by Drew Barrymore and shoots over Christmas, because of my pantomime commitments I can’t do it.

- How much are you interested in expanding into movies and American TV?

Listen I am always game for it - I am my business and I am my product in the business and if work takes me to America, as I have always said, to do a movie or TV show I will go there and do the work but then I will come back home to the UK. So I am not adverse to it and I am always looking to challenge myself in new ways.

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