QUESTION: Do you prefer to wear jeans? KATE HUDSON: Yeah, I'm not really comfortable wearing dresses all day long, unless it's really flimsy.

QUESTION: Do you have a stylist?
KATE HUDSON: Absolutely. I have a girlfriend - we are really close. Its more of a partnership I guess because I love clothes. I'm not interested in people telling me what to wear. I'll wear what I want. I'll just wear what feels good.

QUESTION: How would you describe your style?
KATE HUDSON: I don't know. I guess just whatever feels good and comfortable and - you just know - you put something on and your body kind of changes and shifts and all of a sudden you're walking a bit like, ‘oh, that feels really good...’

QUESTION: You have been described as boho, hippy chic
KATE HUDSON: I would kind of agree with that.QUESTION: Like Kate Moss? KATE HUDSON: I'd agree with that. I'd say Kate and I have one thing similar. Everybody would say its fashionable but I think we are both the kind of people that kind of wear what's on the floor (laughs). We just kind of hop out of bed and put on a bunch of stuff and just kind of leave the house and don't even think about it. So I guess that could be kind of considered boho.(laughs) QUESTION: Have you made any fashion disasters?
KATE HUDSON: Not for me. No. For other people I'm sure. I'm sure these been times when people have gone - oh my god, look at her hair. I don't think anyone walks out of the house and goes, oh my god, what am I thinking; I look horrible (laughs) so no. I mean, I've always been very comfortable. I remember the Oscars when I was nominated I got pretty bashed for that dress and then of course two years later beaded caplets were in.

QUESTION: How do you deal with critics like that in the media about what you wear?
KATE HUDSON: Oh, I really don't care. To be totally honest with you - I just don't care.

QUESTION: Do read anything about yourself?
KATE HUDSON: Sometimes. If its put in front of my face. You know - it doesn't lift me up and it doesn't lift me down. Its always nice when people have things to say because it makes you feel good. Everything else you just kind of go - its just one person's opinion. I always feel like we get to sit down and we get to talk for 20 minutes and people all of a sudden have these ideas of who you are and what you know and I know that if people spent an actual week with me that they'd properly think pretty differently and go, oh, ok - I get it. And I'm not interested in really trying to prove that to anybody so people can say what they want I guess.

QUESTION: Many people say you are part of the most humble family in the business.
KATE HUDSON: That's great - I love that.
QUESTION: Every person in your house is famous. How do you deal with that? Is it because of the way your Mum brought you up?
KATE HUDSON: I think Pa (Kurt) is the most demanding of a very solid, he was the most demanding of … Normality Yeah. And just as a person he has no interest in Hollywood whatsoever. He loves his job. He loves what he does. He does his work. He looks at it as a job. And family is a whole different thing. Whatever it is what people think it is meant nothing in our family. We weren't even privy to what that meant - except when we would go out and we realised that people would treat our parents differently. They were so adamant about us being understanding of how hard they worked and what they worked for.

QUESTION: Does that help you to enjoy your work now?
KATE HUDSON: I think that the tools that our parents gave us growing up is that you shouldn't do anything unless you love it - unless you are really passionate about it because you're just going to be really miserable. It's like any other thing. Let's say my parents were doctors. Why would I be a doctor and get into the family business unless I didn't love it - I'd be so miserable and that's true. And it would be true for this you know. Not to mention on top of it, I deal with another thing. Its not just when you are famous and dealing with criticism. On top of that, I mean I've been working since I was 18 - so 10 years - and I'm still answering the same questions about my parents - and you deal with that too - because you're fine - we're all very close and everything but imagine if I didn't like this business - imagine how bitter I would be. You know I'd be like (puts on a voice) "why do I have to talk about my family?" It doesn't make any difference to me because they are two completely separate things.

QUESTION: We hear that you light up a room when you walk in, (puts hands over face) that the actors you worked with on the movie all have "Kate crushes". You seem to be such a happy person - is this because your parents said that you should do what you love? Is this what you want to instil in your children?
KATE HUDSON: I hope to God I can. My parents did such a good job. We have so much fun with my family. I only hope that our kids have as much fun as us. There's nothing like it. There's nothing like really being able to say - yeah, I'd rather be with my family. Because it's rare and most people don't have that kind of relationship with their family and it's the one thing that my dad always said. It's the only thing he ever wanted to really succeed in - was wanting us all to have a good time together - and he did it - and that's like the biggest success of anything you could possibly imagine - and we really figured that out at the wedding - we actually vocalised it at Oliver's wedding. It was one of those things where we all went “You know what? This is so rare, this is so great!” One of us will be the weak link in the family and the family will just be disastrous. We'll just go, “Oh God! Send them to our grandparents’ house”. But, it's great.
QUESTION: Is Motherhood what you expected?
KATE HUDSON: I don't think it's ever what you expect. I mean in a sense, I knew I was going to be tired (laughs). Being a Mum and a working Mum it's never easy but no, every day, it's just crazy. It's insane. I mean, as I said, the little things that just come out of his mouth like that - you just look at him and think - is there anything that's not more fun than that? I mean that's it. And you realise when you have your babies or when you love being a mum like I do - that no wonder all my parents wanted was for us to have a good time together. That's all I wanted. I want him to be happy. I want him to realise that he can do anything he wants to do as long as he works hard for it and enjoys it.

QUESTION: Do you want more kids?
KATE HUDSON: Yeah. Of course.

QUESTION: How many?
KATE HUDSON: I don't know. I grew up with - there are four of us. It was a good number. It was a really good number. And I was the only girl - three boys!

QUESTION: I guess it was a big success when you brought them on set?
KATE HUDSON: Yeah. He was at that age where he's talking and he didn't really understand that he had to be quiet. He didn't like the trailer because he wanted to be running around. Hawaii was great because he could have just run around on the beach. The director has four kids, and the writer actually just had a new one - an infant - so there were a lot of babies around - so everybody was enjoying it.

QUESTION: Tell us about the day you shot the dream sequence when you were in the swimsuit. Lance Armstrong was there, so was Michael Douglas but everyone was looking at you...
KATE HUDSON: Did they tell you about the fashion sequence they made me do in the swimsuits? Owen and the directors came out and we were trying to pick out the bathing suit and they made me put on the same bathing suit a hundred times. And one time Owen goes, “I like that one, turn around!” (laughs) and I went “No! No!” It was really funny. It was all in really good humour. But no - we all agreed. It was one of those things where all these bathing suits we tried on - some of them were super trashy - well most of them, but we all decided that the black crochet one was the way to go.
QUESTION: So are you going to go on Oprah and do it like Teri Hatcher did?
KATE HUDSON: No. No. I'm not interested in performing for anybody, except I did do this MTV skit with Owen and they did put me on a pole, of course, because they all knew and they’re like, she's getting on the pole, she's getting on the pole - but it’s funny.

QUESTION: Have you taken your mum?
KATE HUDSON: Yeah. Yeah. She's going to come. She's in Europe right now. But she's going to come. It’s just so much fun - it's just a blast.

QUESTION: You don't seem to care what people think?
KATE HUDSON: No I really don't. Is that bad? (Laughs) I feel like sometimes, you guys should care a little bit more. I don't know. Why would I burden myself with, you know … life is short.

QUESTION: So what gets you down?
KATE HUDSON: Oh God. What doesn't? What gets you down? So many things, you know. Disappointing people. Being disappointed. Being hurt. Being betrayed. I mean - all things that make anybody down. There are times in your life where you feel like you are not working towards your potential - whether it's as a person, or a friend or a business partner or whatever it is. I mean - there are tonnes of things. Tonnes.

QUESTION: What are your ambitions as an actress in Hollywood?
KATE HUDSON: Just to keep working.
QUESTION: That's it?
KATE HUDSON: Yeah. You know. It's a really hard thing to sit here. That's what I do for a living and I love to act and I love to develop characters and I love to do all these things and I really enjoy it. You sit in a circle with all your friends and no matter what their niches are - people can put me in romantic comedies - a male friend of mine, who will remain nameless is a big movie star - dramatic - and we all sit around and we talk about it and it’s like we all want to be just making movies. And the difficulty is that the perception from the outside is what makes it difficult from the inside. It also makes it fun for us because you get to have a nice career. For me it’s like - I would never put down that people want to see me being happy or being in a comedy that they enjoy, because it really does make me a lovely living and I have a really great time doing it and so I would never want to put it down. But in terms of selfishly loving why I do what I do, I mean – it’s everything.

QUESTION: Is there something there that you want to accomplish?
KATE HUDSON: I don't even know where to begin. Yeah. There are so many things. Some of them have nothing to do with acting. I have always had set goals - that is one of my Aries traits. It’s like there's my goal and I will get there one day. I mean right now I just finished my first class in business school. You know I just said - I want to take a business class and I did it. And I finished it. And these are the things in life that you are constantly - you know - we only live once. If you're going to do something just do it and you set your goals and I like to attain them so there are tonnes of them. Mundane ones - like this business. I am very happy with the way my career’s gone. I couldn't be more pleased. I just feel so lucky to have done the things that I've done. Worked with the people I've worked with and it's really a blast and way more to come. And in terms of my career - I can't wait to get into my 30s because I feel like the roles get a little more interesting. And when I start to really look a little older I will be able to play certain things that right now are a little bit too young to play.
QUESTION: So you welcome growing older?
KATE HUDSON: Well in terms of acting. In terms of what's really fun. It’s limiting when you're younger because – it’s youthful - so you are playing people that are sort of figuring out who they are and all that stuff and it’s not that dimensional and as you get older the characters obviously get more dimensional unless you are playing some drug addict or hooker or something. But I'm not really interested in playing a hooker (laughs), the hooker with a heart of gold! No thanks.
QUESTION: Are you going too fast?
KATE HUDSON: No, I feel actually the opposite. I have only done two movies in two years. Most people do two or sometimes three movies in one year. I feel like if anything - I'm not interested in rushing anything. You know - I don't jump into things. I don't sign onto things too quickly. QUESTION: Do you feel that you are an over achieving having accomplished so much at 28?
KATE HUDSON: I hope that I am always an over achiever. I don't know if I'm an over achiever. I don't think that that should be used negatively. I think that's kind of positive. To achieve things - to continue to try and achieve things is great. Why not? What else are we going to do - be a Dupree? But Dupree achieves things. He achieves things for himself. No, I've always been someone that's not happy unless I'm doing a lot of things. I wouldn't say not happy. I've always been someone that likes to have a hundred hands and is cooking dinner and on the phone at the same time and making a sweater - you know what I mean? But my New Year’s resolution was ‘breathe’ – and if you don't get things done that day – it’s fine. Because I do some days rush myself.

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