Katie Price with the Live From Studio Five hosts

Katie Price with the Live From Studio Five hosts

On Live From Studio Five’s first ever show, glamour model and businesswoman, Katie Price was live in the studio giving her first TV interview since her marriage to Peter Andre was granted a decree nisi on Tuesday 8th September.

The show’s presenters, Ian Wright, Melinda Messenger and Kate Walsh grilled Price on the divorce and how she feels about the onslaught of her current partner, Alex Reid.

Let us know exactly what you think of Katie Price and Peter Andre on our blog, but for now, here's the interview in full for your viewing pleasure.

Melinda – So when you read these Kate what are you thinking?
Katie Price – The same as everyone else, I’m bored. I’m so bored of it, it’s so much lies. Last week because the press are outside my house everyday it has become a game, you’re not getting a picture, they can follow me all they like and the past seven days they haven’t had a picture and they’re still writing crap.
Ian – So you’ve got 6 week’s there is no chance you and Pete?
KP – No thank you, no thanks.
Melinda – So this is it now?
KP - Actually last night he dropped the kids of with a girl in his car, Junior doesn’t know the name of her, doesn’t know who she is and they kissed on the lips, so it must be his girlfriend.
Ian – That’s quick (on her and Alex with kids)
KP – I’m a quick mover, I don’t sit around and wait
Ian – How are they finding it (kids)?
KP – T hey are fine, they’ve got love our side, love his side they’re fine.
Ian – Not confused?
KP - Junior is a bit he’s not sleeping that much at night
KP – I did cry within the marriage, but you know, like I say if he doesn’t want to know I’m not going to beg. I have tried to meet him, I have tried to talk to him and he doesn’t want to know so what am  going to do, sit around and, you know.
Mel – So you were grieving in the marriage?
KP – Absolutely, like I say, what happened between me and Pete, happened between me and Pete, he dumped me didn’t want to know, ok I’ll move on.
Ian – That seems pretty harsh, so the love where did it go, what happened?
KP – Well it’s the most stupidish reasons ever and I hope when it goes to court and the reasons come out, people will see what Pete is saying… so it’s his loss at the end of the day
Melinda – So tell us, what are the reasons?
KP – Well you have to wait
Kate – Why do we have to wait?
KP – I can tell you Melinda off camera
Kate – Oh we want to know on the show
KP – I would but it’s so stupid, but put it this way I can now ride my horses without having grief, there’s a hint
Melinda – Is it over the riding instructor? … It must be a nightmare for you but the time you were out in Ibiza the press
KP – I had the best time ever in Ibiza, oh my god, best time, well I was going to go back but I’ve got to work
Melinda – Did you know what was going on in the papers whilst you were out there, what they were all saying
KP – Well I saw them all out there, the thing is I can’t live my life by what the media, I really can’t I’m not going to be a good two shoes for whom, I’m myself. Like I say I got dumped who cares if I wanted to go out and party.
Ian – What about the kids?
KP – Well, Pete had them so if I’d been at home I wouldn’t have seen them anyway
Melinda- Were you the only mother in that nightclub, I doubt it?
KP – That’s what I mean, am I going to sit in my room drinking tea and eating hobnobs?
Melinda – I have to admit we had a night out together and the press do follow you everywhere you can’t … so what are you meant to do?
Ian – but you are like that…the press is what you are about
KP – The red carpet press are completely different to the scumbags, perverts outside my house
KP – Like today I  dropped Junior off at school and there is road you’re not allowed to park on and the paps are there  wind down my window and I say you do know your not allowed to park there, there are kids coming here and basically said a rude word to me which I can’t say and I was so angry I took down his number plate and thought I’m going to report you because the kids and mums don’t really want a camera in their face, it’s just you know do it to me, but don’t do it to the kids going to school
Kate – You know the way the press treat you has that ever reduced you to tears?
KP – Don’t be silly it’s a game, It’s a monopoly game I’m in
Kate – Cat and mouse
Ian – What about the new guy, he’s there?
Kate – I said he’s got to come on the show, he’s got to, don’t look like that Ian
Melinda – He should come on
Kate – Are you in love with him?
KP – He’s been battered for two months
Ian – He’s a cage fighter he gets battered!
Melinda – How’s he finding it?
KP – He’s fighting on Saturday as well.  He’s so laid back, so laid back. This is the thing people think  he’s probably so aggressive but believe me I push him and he’s just so laid back and chilled, he’s a really nice guy
Ian – I read awhile ago that one of you ex boyfriends, said that you’ve got this thing in you that you want to demean men
KP – Which one was that, how much money did he get for that?
Ian – The gladiator guy
KP – He chipped in again a few weeks ago, he’s obviously hard up for cash
Kate – After all this, why is it you want to do this TV show?
KP – Because it shows me, I’m not miserable in it for once.
Ian – Do you think…
Kate – It was the way they edited the show to be honest
KP – Any guys I go with, they are going to get picked on… and they are going to say there is an agenda, they’ll all after one thing, when it was me that chased him
Kate – Did you?
KP – Yes,
Melinda – Did you really, so what happened then?
KP – Well I’ve already said it, the trainer that trains me, as said, cor I could go out with a cage fighter, how sad is that?  
Ian – Is it rebound?
KP – Not at all, no rebound
Ian – But it happened so quick
KP – But I’m very impulsive, I’m always jump from one person to another. I am like that
Kate – Do you not like being on your own
KP – No I do like my own company
Melinda – So tell us how you chatted him up then?
KP – Well I just said, you know, I could go out with a cage fighter, I said anyone you know, will you introduce me to Alex. Met up with him and there you go.
Kate – Was it love at first sight?
Ian – No, it couldn’t have been
KP – You mean am I in love, you want to know? This isn’t the Kate and Peter show anymore I’m going to keep some things private
Ian – That’s going to be hard with people following you all the time
KP – No not that but my relationship with him, I know he’s in the show and I did say I didn’t want to put him in the show that much because I don’t want to have me and Pete, keep it a bit private. I don’t care about me I’m an open book.


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