Katie Price

Katie Price

Katie, Katie, Katie, we know a large percentage f the public might not like you, but come on I really don’t think they think you’re as bad as a serial killer.

Speaking to GMTV this morning, Katie insisted that hosts, Ben Shepherd and Kate Garrway call her Mrs Reid, before complaining that people were treating her like a "serial killer". Erm, maybe making ridiculous demands like that is part of it?

Anyway speaking to the early morning TV show, Katie gushed; "I'm in such a happy place, it's so great. New Year, new beginning and all that." And not only that, but she’s also planning on starting a new family, with her new man. Wow!

Speaking to Ben she openly admitted; "Me and Alex want kids. We're trying, so let's hope." We do hope Katie, we do we do, and it will prove that this marriage isn’t a sham.

Not that WE think it’s a sham at all, it’s just two (fairly) young people in love who want to get married, we all go through it with new boyfriends, but they can afford to actually go through with it so good on them! Katie even said; "Why pick on me and Alex? We're so happy. I'm being treated like a serial killer! What have I actually done wrong?!"  Erm, maybe breaking the nationals favourite popstar’s (that’s Peter Andre) heart is at the top of what could be a very long list.

Anyway, have a look at the videos below, and tell us what you think… personally I agree with Katie’s statement about the genuine guys she dates wouldn’t date someone who wasn’t genuine - do you think everyone is being too hard on her?

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