The glamorous presenter first came to our attention just over ten years ago when she joined Blue Peter and became it’s 23rd host. Her time with the popular BBC1 kids TV show was certainly challenging – her assignments there included living in Mongolia with a family for a week, training with the England football squad for a World Cup special, joining the Cirque de Soleil and of course making things from yoghurt pots and sticky back plastic.Consequently because the Dorset born presenter’s stint was so successful, when she left in 2000, it led to her being hired to work on numerous other TV and radio jobs, including Top of the Pops, Football Fever, The Millennium Quiz Show with Michael Parkinson, Tomorrow's World, A Song For Europe and the weekend breakfast show on 95.8 Capital FM. The 35-year-old star even met her husband, Trey Farley through broadcasting, when they both featured in the Saturday morning programme “Live and Kicking.”The pair wed at a register office in Surrey two years ago and later flew to Tuscany to seal their marriage.Now Katy and her partner are proud parents to their two-month-old daughter, who is their first child. The golden girl of telly is even set to publish a diary publication about her experiences as a new mother later this year and is a supporter of the Make a Wish charity.

She can also currently be seen in the Arm and Hammer Enamel Care toothpaste adverts on television at the moment. FemaleFirst managed to have a chat with Katy to ask her about her career, her squeaky clean image and what she does to chill out.

You took part in the popular Channel 4 TV show “The Games.” Can I ask you about that experience?

Yeah, it was nice to have to get that fit to be honest, cos it was just after Christmas that you started the training. So it was nice to have the excuse to be healthy and to get fit. It’s quite cool because you get a very toned body – and you’re like “oh this is good.” But you don’t get enough time obviously to say you’re never doing these things really, suddenly you’re doing a gymnastic crawl routine when you’ve just had five sessions. You’re like “ah” I’m in a leotard in front of the nation. It was fun to do; I like doing things that are a challenge really. Like you said the training for the programme is quite intense isn’t it?

Yeah, I think we started training in February and then the thing was at the beginning of April. So yeah, two months. It’s quite intensive. But it’s really good fun because as an adult I’ve sort of had this all the way through my career with Blue Peter and stuff as well. As an adult you kinda of get a bit sensible. You don’t really do cart wheels and things so to suddenly have to do one – it’s like yeah! I felt like I was five years old again. And riding bikes, as well it was brilliant.

What was your favourite activity out of all of the ones you had to do on the sporting reality series?

My favourite activity on it was probably the cycling. Actually the hurdles, I quite liked as well. It’s just quite nice, it makes you feel like you’re back at school sports day again. It was really cool. I really enjoyed it.

Do you still keep in contact with any of the people you worked with on the Games?

Yeah. Linda Lusardi. We meet up quite often actually. Very nice lady. None of the others I did, no. It’s just everyone’s so busy. You’re with each other for a sort amount of time and then you all get on with your lives really.

You came second over all in the female contenders. You were a hot favourite to bag first place weren’t you and were a big competitive rival of Lady Isabella Harvey's, who you ended up losing the coveted gold medal to?

Yeah -well I won four out of seven of the disciplines and then didn’t win, so it was kinda like “Ah”! But that’s telly for you. It makes good telly to have a big twist at the end. But I really enjoyed it and I also really surprised myself as well about how well I did. I wasn’t expecting to do anywhere near that well – I just thought I would go in it and have a laugh. It was really, really good fun and Linda and I had a real giggle in the house. It was nice really. It’s quite intensive though and you are quite relieved when it’s all over.

You mentioned being in the Athletes Village?

Yeah. That’s the only thing that I didn’t like really was the House bit. If I go asked to do it again and I could do with the living in the house bit, then I’d do it. But living in the house was just a bit heinous. It’s having cameras everywhere – it’s just a bit dull, you know.

Did you ever forget the cameras were there in the House?

You are always kind of aware, because when you forget, you just hear this “wearing” sound and you’re like “oh what’s that?” So you’re always aware that they’re very much there. The thing that’s hard is that you’re competing and then you go back to the house and then they keep the lights on till one in the morning cos they’ve got a stream on E4 and then they switch the lights full on at six in the morning and you’re like hang on, where not competing till 10 o’clock tonight. So I was very tired when I left. But I got married in June that year, so it was great for that.

How are you finding motherhood, now you’ve just had your first child?

It’s lovely. I’ve got the baby in the pram in one hand and the phone in the other as we speak. Her name’s Kaya Skye and she’s eight weeks old.

You used to be a presenter of Top of the Pops at one time. How do you feel about it being axed recently?

Yeah, I was a presenter of the show a few years ago. Luckily, I wasn’t one when it was axed. It’s about the nostalgia really. It was a national institution and iconic. As the years went by there were more alternatives around for people though and unfortunately more competition for the programme. But it was a cool show.

What was the best thing you ever did as a Blue Peter presenter?

I loved the flying assignments. I’ve often thought about getting my pilot’s license. I remember one time I got to fly a Harrier – which was worth £25 million pounds. It was like I was playing a computer game – it was mad but brilliant. That was the best thing about the job really, the variety. You never knew what was coming up next from week to week.

What’s the biggest misapprehension that the public has about you?

That people think I’m squeaky clean. Some are shocked when they see me with a bottle of beer in my hand – it’s like “hello, I’m an adult woman, I’m 35 years old.”

What’s been your most embarrassing moment, whilst presenting so far?

That would have to be when I was presenting one of the Holiday programmes. I’d been swimming and as I was getting out of the water I realised my bikini top had slipped down. Fortunately, nobody took any pictures.

Who would you like to switch places with for a day?

Erm, an astronaut. The Queen – that would be good, or somebody minted like Bill Gates or JK Rowling.

You must be pretty nifty with stuff like recycling, arts and crafts and cooking after working on Blue Peter? You seemed to be able to make anything and everything with sellotape, a couple of loo rolls and some tinfoil.

(Katy Laughs) Well it's been six years since I left Blue Peter. But I do try to to do my bit for the environment by recycling - especially now I'm a mum. You think about what you're leaving behind for your kids.

Do you see any of your Blue Peter castmates?

I sometimes see some of the orginal crew I was with - Stuart Miles, Diane Louise Jordan and Tim Vincent.

What’s the weirdest thing that you’ve read in the British press about yourself?

One newspaper story said that I was going out with Robbie Williams and another that I was seeing 50 Cent. I had a few friends phoning up about them.

I believe you’re a DJ now as well?

Yes. I got into it through working at Capital FM Radio in London. It’s a different career path but it’s very nice. I travel to places like universities all around the country. It’s very disciplined and scary at times. If you make a mistake you’re stuffed. Everybody turns around and looks at you.

Who would play you in the film story of your life?

Oh good question! Oh probably somebody a bit feisty like Sandra Bullock.

What do you like to do to chill out when you’ve got a bit of “me” time?

Catch up with friends and listen to some music. I had a facial for the first time in about three months the other day. It was lovely.

What’ve you got coming up next?

Well I’m writing a baby book at the moment and I’m hopefully going to get that published. It will be a diary publication. I’ve kept an account of everything so far…. The baby’s giggling at the moment! (Laughs)

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