Kris Kardashian

Kris Kardashian

We've already got the hot gossip from her daughters Khloe and Kourtney, and now it's time for the head of the house and momanger extrordinaire, Kris Kardashian to dish the dirt.

We sat down with the talented star to chat all about her family life, how she manages to juggle so many different careers and what she really thought of Bruce's fat comments towards Khloe...

Hi Kris how are you?
Hi there, I'm fine thank you!

What have you been up to recently?
Well, just a lot of exciting press for Keeping Up With The Kardashians and my whole family have been down to Mexico this weekend to celebrate Kourtney's, my oldest daughter's 30th birthday and it's making me feel really old! We just went on a beautiful family vacation, so all is well!

Keeping Up With The Kardashians is back on our screens. For people in Britain who haven't caught the show yet, what can they expect from it?
Oh my gosh, are you talking about at all, the first season or? [FF: Give us a brief summary, for all those who are really behind!] Well, it's definitely a crazy, dramatic, wild family who have a lot of different dynamics because there's so many different family members. So it's my husband and I, Bruce Jenner and myself, Kris Jenner and we got married and had four kids each, and then together we had two children, and it's basically a big blended family, with a lot of different personalities and it's about how we all kind of get along and just the adventures of the crazy Kardashian kids!

It's a lot of fun and I think it's very exciting to watch for a lot of the fans, because there are so many people to keep track of. You know one week it may Kim and her relationship with her boyfriend Reggie and another it might be Kourtney breaking up with her boyfriend, Scott, or Robert and all his antics, and it's just the antics of a crazy family. There is one person in the show that most people can find and identify with. 

The show has become a big hit in America. Did you expect it to do so well?
You know what, it's something I really felt strongly about. I took the idea to Ryan Seacrest and he loved it and then the two of us worked on it, and took it to the executive producers and they loved the idea because there was so many different aspects of the show that people might enjoy. So I knew it was going to strike a chord, I just had no idea it would take on a life of its own. We just finished shooting our third season and the ratings are better than ever, and we have so many fans all over the world that we hear from, especially now with Twitter we get instant feedback from fans and I've just got into twittering and it's been a lot of fun.

We know what you mean, we just found out that Britney Spears is following us on Twitter!
Oh my god, that's great! She actually came into the girls' store over the weekend to go shopping, she lives right down the street. [FF: Really, what did she buy?] I don't know, I wasn't there and I haven't heard anything, but I guess she just popped in and paid them a visit.

The media always have a lot to say about your daughters. Do you find some of the things they write upsetting, or do you just take it on the chin?
You know what I don't really, because nobody knows the girls like we all know each other, as a family and people say some pretty mean, hurtful things and you just have to...well, the first thing I told the girls was don't read what's on the Internet, because people can be mean and nasty and it's really not necessary to really have bad, negative energy and be so ugly and that's what I tell my kids, people are going to say what they want to say and if somebody's hard on you, you kind of just have to ignore it and brush it off your shoulders, because you're bigger than that, you're stronger than that and you know what you're all about.

Your husband Bruce told Khloe to lose a few pounds for the PETA shoot. Do you think this was a bit unfair or was it just badly edited?
You know what I think it was unfair, I think that we all- oh hey by the way, we could all, you know me too, could use quite a few pounds, but people shouldn't tell you to lose weight. I think that Khloe learnt a lot from that episode and she learned how to really embrace her body and she has a much better self image. She was suffering from low self esteem and you know she didn't feel good about herself, and that made her feel worse. So, trust me Bruce got quite a verbal beating for that, it was just unfair.

What do you say to these people who criticise you and your family for being famous because of your ex-husband? Is this something that frustrates you?
Well it's just people that are ignorant and don't know what they are talking about. You know Bruce and I have been in television for 20 years and this generation have never seen any of the stuff we did back in the 90s. You know Bruce has been doing TV since 1976, his first show was Good Morning America, he was one of the correspondents for seven years. He's done movies, TV, it goes on and on and on. I've been doing various TV shows over the years and we've had our own line of fitness equipment, so we have a lot going on at all times, this is just another aspect of what we do and I think that anyone that would say that is because they don't know our background.

You're known as the Momager, what exactly does that mean?
It means that I have the fabulous job of being their mom, which I adore and it's my favourite role in my whole life and my biggest accomplishment, raising six kids, but it also means that I'm their manager. I'm not everybody's though, I'm Kourtney's, Kimberley's and Khloe's and I'm Bruce's manager. I've been his manager for 20 years. He's a motivational speaker, he travels around the world motivating people, and he does a really good job of that. The one thing about my girls too, is that they have great work ethics and they work real hard, and we all get up really early in the morning and my girls work till they fall down! The love to work, the love to travel and they love their stores, and it's really exciting to wake up in the morning and have something amazing to do everyday. That's what I tell my girls everyday.

We asked Khloe and Kourtney what fame means to them and they said that they don’t take it seriously, and that family is much more important. What are your views on the whole fame game?
Well I think it's definitely part of what we're doing. You know we're doing a show and it comes along with the territory that they're going to get fans and things. The thing to remember is where you come from and why you're doing what your doing, I think the minute that you start to take yourself too seriously, it's a disaster, and I think that this is just an extension of 15 minutes. I think we're really all aware of that, but we all have really stable day jobs too, the girls have their companies, business and stores and that keeps them pretty grounded.

Thanks Kris, have a good day!
Thank you and thank's for watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians!

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