With the much anticipated launch of the hit movie Herbie Fully Loaded, starring the talented and beautiful actress Lindsay Lohan. To celebrate the launch Lindsay Lohan has been chatting to us about the film about the enduring qualities of the characters.

Q:Why do you think Herbie is such an endearing and everlasting character that's been taken to the hearts of the world's cinema goers?

L. L.: I think whenever someone gets their car, it becomes their baby. And in the movie you form a bond with this car and you feel for this car. He's the underdog and everyone always roots for the underdog, which I think is nice to see on film. My character forms a really great relationship with the car as well. At first I thought it was silly. It's like, how am I going to talk to a car? But I wanted to bring the relationship to life and have people really see how cute Herbie could be... it's kind of like a pet in a way.

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