"I think that the people who cheat on their wives are absolutely dispicable and I find it astonishing that so many of them take them back time and time again. I mean nobody knows what goes on inside people marriages but if somebody is cheating on you all of the time, surely it's time to call it a day.

"Surely all of the handbags in the world are not worth that. I think it's quite a shallow life really, or it can be. But then ofcourse there are plenty of footballers who are happily married and they get on with it. I just find that whole WAG culture sad more than anything."

It's not surprising that Lorraine can't get her head around a marriage filled with such sadness, she's been married to Steve since 1992 and it's easy to believe that she has the picture-perfect marriage.

They recently moved thier family back to Dundee, after living just outside of London. Through the week she spends her time in her small flat in London, whilst Steve and Rosie, her daughter, stay at home. She says: "It's half and half really. I have a wonderful time in London, then I go home and go for lovely walks on the beach and have family life which is great. It's the best of both worlds."

Long may she enjoy splitting her time between both worlds, because we couldn't imagine a time when Lorraine was there to greet us in the morning her warm, cheery personality.

Lorraine Kelly is the face of The Live Well For Less Index by Sainsbury’s. The Index ranks the supermarket’s top 100 products in order of how much pleasure they bring per penny paid.

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