Mia Dolan Criminal Psychic

Mia Dolan Criminal Psychic

To launch Hallmark's new series Psych Mia Dolan a real life psychic who often works along side police to help solve criminal matters came in to discuss her work and when she discovered her gift with FemaleFirst's Susan Reay. My personal experience of Mia proved her to be honest, open down to earth, she told us hold she had found out she had the gift as she described it.Mia described how she was in her kitchen and heard her children fighting in the lounge, she had bread under the grill she went to sort her children out she heard a voice say the toast is burning, thinking it was just a sense returned to the kitchen to find the toast was burning. The voices kept coming it was a mans voice she when to the doctors who asked if the voices in her head were telling her bad things to which she replied no, so her doctor told her she was suffering from depression and prescribed her tablets. After 6 months on being on these tablets she was still hearing the voices came off them and thought how could she help herself, turning to the yellow pages she found a section on psychics and rang the number and attended a subsequent meeting at the local church. She walked inside not quiet knowing what to expect and approached a young lady who told her to see the lady at the back to which she did, and after talking with this lady she told her it wasn't an illness she was a psychic and the voices she could hear was her spirit guide, Mia asked did everyone have a guide to which she was told yes and he wasn't going away she would have to ask him questions and get to know him and he would help her understand what was happening. When she came out of the church Mia told me she looked all around her to make sure no one could see her and she asked "are you here" to which she received the answer "yes".

Mia just couldn't believe what she was hearing, she didn't know what to say so her first real question to Eric after he told her his name was " have you seen me in the bath" No he said "well im married have you seen me with my husband in the bedroom" cringing and waiting for the answer he said no, We are not here all the time only the times you need me, she asked why he had chosen her and he just said that your not given a choice you go to your chosen person.I also had a private session of physic school where I was shown how to find auras I found this part of the interview really interesting as the person I paired up after several times of trying found an aura around his face.

Personally I don't think I would make a good psychic but I found the whole afternoon fascinating and was left wanting to learn and find out more...Whether you believe in it or not, the world of psychics and clairvoyance is big business. There are all kinds of people able to contact the spirit world and use their abilities to predict events before they happen.

Mia Dolan is one such person. The best known female psychic the UK, and star of itv’s Haunted Homes, is now taking her gift all over Britain as she goes on tour holding Psychic Demonstration Evenings.

She has had a fascinating career, first venturing into the world of the unknown when she discovered she was psychic aged 22.

Mia’s gift was something she had to learn to develop and use to its full potential. It was most helpful when she foresaw the murder of her brother and the death of her teenage son.

She was able to cope with her grief much better and felt she should use her gift to help other people.

Mia currently has three books in publication. Her first, The Gift, is an account of her traumatic childhood growing up on the Isle of Sheppey and raising two young children in an abusive marriage.

She also wrote Mia’s World, in which she takes a completely untrained writer named Roz on an adventure to discover her psychic abilities, and Haunted Homes which accompanies her television series.

Mia’s career and extraordinary gifts continued to grow as she then went on to star in Haunted Homes. It is the first ever ghost-busting show to be shown on terrestrial television and a second series has just been filmed.

It sees Mia travelling around the country visiting the homes of people who believe they are haunted by a spirit. She then attempts to contact the dead and find out who they are and what they want before carrying out an exorcism on the building.

Over the years Mia claims to have had many encounters with ghosts including a visit from her dead brother.

She also runs her own psychic school which she writes and teaches herself. With three levels of classes ranging from an induction to full day courses there’s bound to be something to suit everyone.

She has recently recorded an episode of Celebrity Weakest Link, so watch this space to see her make her TV quiz show debut and take on the might of Anne Robinson.

Psych, Series 2, is on at 8pm every Sunday, exclusively on The Hallmark Channel.

Female First Susan Reay additional reporting Jacqueline Farrer