- So how did you get into acting in the first place? How did you make that switch?

Well I had always wanted to do I just didn’t know how to get into it once I had left college you see. But then I heard about these acting lessons in Manchester so I started going there in the May, he’s called Mark Hudson he’s a really good acting coach,  so I started going to see him in the May and I got the job on Coronation Street in the November. It was a quick turn around really.

- And a string of awards have come your way in such a short space of time the public have really taken to you so how are you finding that?

It’s really really flattering, especially the awards where people take the time out to vote for me, I had no idea that I was going to win any of them so every one was a real shock and it felt like I had really been accepted by the public.

- It was Sexiest Female at the British Soap Awards so who do you thank for an award like that?

I thanked my family who voted, that’s probably the reason that I won (laughs).  It’s very flattering to win awards like that but they obviously haven’t seen me in the morning I’m not sexy at all.

- Poor Tina has had a rough ride since arriving on the street so do you ever get your script and think can she not just have some piece and quiet? There’s always some sort of drama going on?

I quiet like it like I like it when she has to go a bit feisty and opinionated.

- So what does your average day at work consist of?

Well it all depends on whether you are doing a storyline I could be there at seven in the morning and not get home until eight at night. But it’s not like bang, bang, bang scene, scene, scene you are normally just waiting around half of the time.

So what are your dreams and aspirations for your career, and have they changed since you started Coronation Street?

No not really, I have found something that I love doing so I just want to continue in acting. As for the future I really haven’t thought about this I just take every day as it comes really, I still can’t believe that I’m in Corrie.

- So what’s coming up for Tina, without giving too much away?

There’s a massive story line involving the Platts and her dad and that’s coming up soon. At the moment everything is a bit plain sailing for Tina but that’s soon to change.

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