Nancy Sorrell has managed to carve out quite a successful career for herself.

A well-known model for over 15 years, she’s been the face of wedding designer Ritva Westenius, and has been chosen to represent Next and M&S in fashion campaigns.

She’s also turned her hand to television presenting, acting, and singing and has appeared on screen productions including: the 'Avid Merrion Xmas Special' The Bill, EastEnders, Celebrity Stars in Their Eyes and the blockbuster hit movie 'Love Actually'.

But at home with her family definitely seems to be where the 31-year-old glamorous blonde is happiest. Married to the comedian Vic Reeves she lives in Kent with their twin daughters who were born in May last year. FemaleFirst managed to talk to Nancy who is currently preparing to participate in the Daily Mail’s Ideal Home show this spring. She explained to us how she’s joining others there to learn everything about how to be the ultimate domestic goddess.

Do you and your partner Jim Moir (aka Vic Reeves) try to do your own home improvements and repairs?Well put it this way, we’re both alright at a bit of DIY. Jim is good actually at it – but I’m also learning. The Ideal Home show is a great opportunity for me because I can then learn more- stuff like rewiring a plug and putting up shelves. You’re one of many famous faces attending the Show this year. What skills are you especially hoping to sharpen there, as those on offer range from improving home interiors to creating a feast for the ultimate spring dinner party?I always want to learn more and I think everyone does everyday. Personally for me it’s things like the cooking, so if I could pick up more things about that – that would be great. Also a lot of women now live by themselves, and if you do, you don’t have a choice. You’ve got to do it, and I think - it’s not hard is it? We know as much as men know about things. Do you hold a lot of dinner parties? If you could hold a special dinner banquet and had to pick five famous guests dead or alive - who would they be and why?

Do you know what – that is the weirdest thing. Oh my god, me and Jim talked about this just the other day! Right, so I know this - Marilyn Monroe cos she was an incredible, beautiful woman and I would want to know about what happened between her and the Kennedys. Did she kill herself or was she killed? – she could tell me that.

Johnny Depp as well, because he’s alright to look at isn’t he? I could ask about his wife, children and about the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Fred Astaire – He was an unbelievable dancer – if I could choose to dance with anybody else other than my husband it would be him. Unfortunately I can’t cos he’s no longer alive!

Jim had some good ones on his table when we did this the other day. Ooh Frank Sinatra. There's not a lot of women, it’s all men – I wonder why? And my husband to top it off…’s good that.

Tell us about your worst DIY disaster – have you ever finished up in A & E after trying to sort something out?

Let me see – you know what, I don’t think so. I don’t think that anything has actually ever happened. No we’re quite good, aren’t we? Maybe I’ve pushed a screw in the wall too much when I’ve been putting a painting up but it’s all gone alright in the end.

How are the twins doing right now – is motherhood what you thought it would be?

Absolutely. I love motherhood – it’s the best. I’m so happy, because they’re the most adorable twins ever and they just make the home full – complete. From moving in, when we moved in I was pregnant, and I gave birth two weeks later, as you do, and it’s just all worked out so well. We’ve redecorated the house, with us and the girls in there. They’ve only ever known the house we’re in now and they’ve seen all the work going on around them (Laughs)

It’s known you battled with IVF to conceive your girls, Nell and Elizabeth. Have you thought more recently about adding to your family in the future?

No, to be honest. I always wanted two little girls and I got what I wished for. I’m quite happy at the moment although the other day I was talking to someone who had a jar of mayonnaise. I could really smell the egg, and it really made me go a bit funny. They said, “You could be pregnant.” I replied with “No shut up, I’m not actually.” I’ve got my babies and that’s fine.

Do you think motherhood has brought you closer to your own mum?

I’ve always been close to my mum – always. We’re the same. We’re very close anyway so. She is around the house more because of the babies and she wants to move nearer to us, which would be really good.

Have you any personal tips to offer new parents?

Just enjoy your baby or babies because it’s such fun. Babies are so much fun, and I’m certainly not joking when I say it. People think they’re hard work, but they’re not. I get that a lot: “Oh it must be a nightmare!” I respond by going “No, it isn’t.” People say that because they haven’t got twins and they don’t understand. But when you’ve got them, you know exactly what to do. I’m loving every minute of it.

How did you do your nursery because it’s one of the most exciting things about becoming a mum and dad to do with the home? Any themes or special things in there?

When we moved in I said to Jim – “What we want done first, the most important thing is the nursery and our bedroom. Anything else I couldn’t care about until later on.” As long as I’ve got our bedroom and their bedroom done. We had to put up a cot up, but it’s the hardest thing ever. Forget it, it’s like a nightmare. We have a beautiful nursery now though with William Morris wallpaper.

Our bedroom is incredible, but it’s all good, even the toilet! The toilet – the wallpaper is actually framed photos of Jim and I. What we’ve done is, because we do photo shoots and front covers, we’ve put them in there. I’ve done Hello with the babies, for instance.

You also have two step children (from Jim’s first marriage) – have they been involved in decorating and planning their own rooms at all?

Well er… no basically! We just did their rooms. (Laughs) Alice’s room is blue and Louis’ is a very great red and grey. It’s a brilliant room. Jim is fantastic – he just painted that room.

You famously appeared on Series Four of I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here didn't you?

Yeah. I’d like to do Strictly Come Dancing or Fame Academy. But if that doesn’t happen I’m not going to be disappointed. Not Celebrity Big Brother – it’s a horrible show. I don’t like it.

What do you think about the current reported “Race Debate” concerning Jade Goody on Celeb BB? Things aren’t looking too good for her at the minute are they.

No, but she’ll do things to be on the TV. Well that’s probably what she’s like anyway – Jade.

Any new projects coming up in 2007 that you can talk about?

At the moment I’m in the new Ann Summers windows campaign with Emma B and Kate Lawler. I’m going on the Terry Wogan Show and I’m going to be a panellist on “Through the Keyhole.” I’ve also been working a bit with my husband, which is really good. We did “The Truth About Food” on the BBC recently and other bits and bobs. I’m working quite a bit this year. And I’ve been doing stuff with the babies for Pampers, Extra Stretch. I love working with the babies – that’s just perfect.

The Daily Mail’s Ideal Home Show runs from 9th March to 1st April 2007 at Earls Court in London this year. For more information, please visit