One year ago Pharrell Williams asked Jimmy Iovine, CEO of Interscope, “How can I be involved in the Robin Thicke project?” A month later, Robin was recording his first single “Wanna Love You Girl ” with Pharrell in Miami, as a Newly signed artist on Pharrell ’s label, Star Trak Records.This explosive, smash single immediately attracted the attention of radio and club DJs across the country. “The Evolution of Robin Thicke”, the second solo album from the critically acclaimed, Grammy award winning songwriter and producer, is now here. The album is a timeless work of art with a voice of purity, passion and soul- fullness. Robin brings to life the stories and emotions of the last two years of his life.Always carrying a heavy heart, Robin taught himself to play piano at the age of twelve so he could have an outlet to express himself. By the age of fourteen, he could play anything he heard on the radio. At sixteen, with no formal train- ing, Robin began professionally writing and producing music for recording artists like Brandy and Brian McKnight.Over the years he has amassed dozens of gold and platinum records with artists including Usher, Mary J.Blige, Marc Anthony, Michael Jackson, Mya and Christina Aguilera.The Evolution of Robin Thicke is an imaginative and heart-felt album that you cannot help but be moved by, bob your head to and smile throughout.FemaleFirst were able to have a chat with this absolute phenomenon in the music industry before he flew back to the States. Find out what he had to say below:

You apparently postponed a show at the Theatre of Living Arts last month because of ill health. How are you feeling now?

Yeah I had laryngitis and I had to cancel a couple of shows – which are the first shows that I’ve ever missed in my life. I still haven’t even gotten to heal because I’ve been doing performances every day since then, so I still have it.

I smoke, I drink and I party. I also eat whatever I want too. (Laughs)

Are you nervous at all about releasing your melodic material over here in the UK?

Am I nervous? – Absolutely not! I’m so excited, I have nothing to be nervous about anymore. All my fears already came true, so what else do I have to fear? (Laughs) Tell us more about the story behind the single you’re releasing “Lost Without U”

I wrote Lost Without U after I had finished touring for my first album. I had come home and even though I was having critical success I hadn’t had any commercial success. I was feeling really insecure and was wondering if I was cool enough or sexy enough. I was questioning why people didn’t like me just the way I was and I needed my woman to tell me how sexy, fabulous and wonderful I was to make me feel better. So this song is called Lost Without U cos it’s about being lost without my woman telling me how great I am.

There was a lot more to talk about with this album. (The Evolution of Robin Thicke) With my first album it was really just about breaking down cultural and racial boundaries through music and having the possibility of being able to do anything that you want. But this album was really about the journey of the human spirit. Having to pick yourself up when you fall and believe in yourself when the world is telling you no but your heart keeps telling you yes and not to give up.

Can you name the most unusual venue where you’ve performed your music?

Oh I done so many unusual performances that I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I’ve performed for so many different types of people and different venues and all by myself. I wouldn’t know where to start – I’ve probably done about 200 shows in the last six or seven months.

You have been described as a perfectionist in the past …. Would you also describe yourself as a workaholic then as well too?

I would say that I’m a “partyholic” and a workaholic. I like to live life to the fullest. I believe that anything that you love to do, you should do it. I don’t consider it work because I love making music and I love-performing music. I love to enjoy life.

Have you ever been bitten by an animal?

Yeah – actually I was one time. A very ravenous dog bit me when I was about seven years old. He bit me all over my face and had stitches above my eye, under my chin and on my hands. I was bitten very badly, so I have scars from that.

You’ve joined forces with so many well-known artists over the years to pen their stuff. Everybody has a public perception of certain famous celebs, but who really surprised you when you got to know them?

Well when I got to work with Usher on his “Confessions” album, I really realised how deserving he was of all his popularity because he cares so much about his music, his work and his audience. He’s very focused, driven and he works so hard. He just has an unstoppable work ethic.

You still remain very good friends with Usher and Mr Pharrell Williams. What do you all get up to on a lads night out together then?

Well we had a party celebrating Pharrell’s birthday and my platinum plack party recently. It was very special because they told me it was to celebrate his birthday but when I walked in they told me it was a surprise for me for my Platinum plack celebrations. So it was quite amazing and exciting. It was definitely a good night!

Your parents are both performers as well. (The vocalist, actress and entertainer Gloria Loring and Canadian performer Alan Thicke) Has your choice of career ever caused friction with your folks at all?

Yes. They were always sceptical. They didn’t really push me in that direction at all – in fact they pushed me away from it. But nobody was ever going to stop me. I love to sing and I love to write songs. It was the only thing that made me feel close to God and special. So I was never going to stop making music.

Do you prefer attending photo shoots or making music videos?

Oh no, I don’t like videos or photo shoots. I definitely don’t like photo shoots. Videos are a little bit better because at least I get to perform a lot of the time. But if I could somehow not ever do a photo shoot…..I wouldn’t do them.

You’re appearing on the hit talent contest show American Idol tonight to perform your new track. Who do you think is going to win this series – which contestant has really impressed you with their singing talent?

I just want Paula Abdul to win (Laughs)

Would you be happy to step into Simon Cowell’s shoes and be a judge on the series?

No, No, No! I would never judge another artist. No!

You apparently wrote a song called “Oh Shooter” after witnessing an armed robbery. Can you tell us more about what sounds like a very scary experience?

Yeah. I was 17 years old and I was in a bank when it got robbed. Years later I did end up writing a song about it called “Oh Shooter.” I was standing there about to get my money and I heard “Get Down on the Floor.” I turned around and there was a guy walking towards me with a gun pointing towards my head. I dropped to the floor. I was nervous for a second but then I saw these two kid guys and they were my age. They were about 18 years old and I wasn’t scared anymore because they looked like they couldn’t actually believe that it was working. (Laughs) But then this white lady walked in and she got all freaked out because the guy pointed the shotgun at her. She started screaming for her life, going “Oh God No!” I started chuckling a bit because by that point I had realised that these guys didn’t want to shoot anybody. They just wanted the money.

You’ve tickled the ivories since you were a young boy. Would you still like to learn any other instruments at some point in the future?

Yeah, I also play a little guitar. I’m learning the harmonica – I’m trying to get my Stevie Wonder harmonica game going.

If you had to form another big musical group and were asked to pick four other famous artists to join alongside you on a permanent basis – who would you choose and why?

Well I love my supporting band now. I don’t think I would pick any singers because I wouldn’t want to compete with anybody. I don’t want anybody to take my singing away. (Laughs) They can’t sing when I’m singing because they’ll just get in my way. Plus they might get in my way on stage and all that. I like to do my thing.

Your wife, the actress Paula Patton, has appeared in music videos with you and on the cover of your album though. What’s it like working with your real life spouse for projects -some artists don’t like mixing business with pleasure for fear of harming their relationships?

Yeah, my wife is in my music video for Lost Without U. We didn’t have any money and we couldn’t afford anyone else. (Laughs) So she was the only one who would do it for free. I didn’t even consider it to be work when I was with her though. To me, that was just me hanging out with my wife.

What other plans have you got coming up in the near future?

Well I’ve got a summer tour with Beyonce and I just did a record with 50 Cent this week for his new album.

I would like to work with Beyonce and maybe we will come up with something while we are on tour and I definitely want to work with Jay-Z some day.

I’m also working with Usher for his new album. Besides that I’m half -way done with my new album – I’m just so excited to be touring and being able to get my music out to people.

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His hugely anticipated first UK single ‘Lost Without U’ is out on June 24th 2007, while the album ‘Evolution’ gets its release here on July 2nd.