You’ve got a book coming out in the New Year. Do you want to tell us about that?

In the press, they’ve been saying that it’s a memoir, it’s not. It’s going to be a mixture; it’s going to be a bit on my upbringing – my family, my school, my friends, what I got up to when I was younger – it’s mainly on the fact of how rapidly and how quickly my life and all of our lives changed on TOWIE and what it’s like to be part of a big show and how we coped with the fame and it’s also got this other side to it, were you’ve got fashion, owning a business at such a young age. It’s almost like an Essex guide from my point of view, hair, make-up, how to apply fake tan. It’s going to be really good.

Mark’s left the show now, and there’s always rumours about you and Kirk leaving. Can you tell us whether there’s any truth in them?

To be honest, I’m definitely not leaving. I see the rumours myself that people are going to be leaving the show and stuff, which is true, people are going to be leaving the show, I don’t know and the producers don’t even know yet who’s going to be leaving and who’s going to be coming. Kirk is rumoured to be leaving and doing another show but I know as much as what you do, I read it in the press like you. Everything is just so secret and private, and people don’t want it to become a big deal like, until they want to keep things a surprise.

When’s the new series going to be with us?

We start filming for Series 4 in January, so I’m really excited and hopefully I’m still a part of it.

So, what’s your best beauty buys?

When it comes to face cream, Clarins is my favourite. I use the day one, it’s anti-ageing, not that I’m old but it’s preventative. I don’t do Botox, so it’s my answer to preventing it. I use the night one too, every time I get out of the shower I put the night cream on.

My favourite make-up is MAC, I love all MAC products. And when it comes to fake tan it’s got to be Fake Bake.

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