Interview By: Sarah WilliamsFor the legions of loyal fans that have been waiting with bated breath for the last eight years for a new Blue Nile album the wait my friends, is finally over. The new single ‘I Would Never’ was released yesterday (23-Aug-2004) and has already gained rave reviews from the critics. The Glaswegian trio which consists of Paul Buchanan, Robert Bell and Paul Joseph Moore, have been together for nearly 25 years and still remain strong friends who are loyal not only to their music but also their fans. Their music can be described as something that reaches deep into the soul of us all. It is atmospheric, poetic, romantic and ultimately about the ‘real’ things in life that mean so much too so many.

I think fans, new and old can expect much of the same from the upcoming HIGH and will also be excited to note that the band will be commencing only their second tour since their 1989 album ‘Hats’ in early 2005.

I spoke to the very charming lead singer Paul Buchanan, today from London where the band are currently doing promotions for the new single.