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by Espi0_ 5 July 2012

No, Just no. All these actresses are great and all but seriously? When i read the book i did not See any of them, i still cant. I like them there all great but really? The one i Believe would be perfect for the role and the person who i could picture was Naya Rivera who plays in Glee. Perfect role for her because she can do it. It's perfect for her. My opinion and im sure others will agree. I just hope that they are not choosing these other girls because what happened during the first movie. The Racist Situation, Because in all honestly, People need to grow up. We are all the same. Naya Rivera would be perfect for the role. I'm not putting the other Actresses down. It would be cool to see them in the movie as another person but: Hands down Naya is Johanna.