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by Tim O'Flanagan 4 November 2007

Bob Dylan as you say in your acticle, hates the kbels given hi throughout the years such as "voice of a generation" legend, what have you, what's his nre title, Dylmart. He peddling Cadillacs, Victorian Secrets Undergarments, he sold a song to advertise banking institutions. Which they are his songs, he can do whem whatever he pleases. What does bother me the most, and believe I am a die hard Dylan fan, for the past forty years, Ihave been to over 7o concerts, I have a collection of Dylan things that take up rooms n my house, but I think it has simply become about the cash. Take a peek at some of the Rhubbish Bob is peddling on his Colunbia wedsite, is this about the music? Coffee mugs, Teddy bears, a "unisex" bathroom, a picnic set. Can you imagine if someone would have foretold the future back in 1966, and told you that in the future you'd see MR. Dylan such absolute garbage with his name on the products, you'd have just laughed, as reporters laughed when Dylan made that "Undergarments" comment at a press conference. The times have indeed changed. I heard that Neil Young is back on the road, singing them songs that you know were all written from within his soul. Maybe he should ass a verse to that song of his, "This Notes for You," and direct it at Dylan. It could go like this: I ain't singing for Secrets I ain't singing for Banks I ain't singing for Cadillacs Those gas guzzling tanks This notes for you. So in short I don't care nothing about this new movie despite being a huge fans, it's just another way to market the products. Tin O'Flanagan