Win DVD Box Sets

Win DVD Box Sets

It's THAT time of year and we at MaleExtra figured you'd need some help relaxing after your fraught Christmas shopping traumas and doing the endless family rounds.

Relax, lock yourself in the den with what's left of your special Christmas ale and enjoy the following stunning 'triple' film box sets! And what have we got on offer?

Wanted / Death Race / Doomsday: 'Wanted' is an adaptation of Mark Millar's comic series and is directed by Timur Bekmambetov (of Russian blockbuster 'Night Watch' fame.) Our unlikely hero is meek Chicago accountant Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy), whose father died when he was a small child.

Wesley never learned to stand up for himself and people generally take advantage of him. That is until Fox (Angelina Jolie) rescues him from a sharpshooter named Cross after which, she whisks him away to meet the other members of the 'Fraternity', where leader Sloan (Morgan Freeman) informs him that Cross, a rogue agent, killed his father.

And so, in order to exact revenge, his Fraternity training begins. 'Death Race' – is producer Roger Corman's cult classic film. Jason Statham plays Jensen Ames, a prisoner who is serving a sentence for a crime that he didn't commit.

But in this futuristic society, Ames can compete for his freedom with a victory in a brutal three-day race. 'Doomsday': After a deadly plague results in the quarantine of Scotland, a wall is built around the country preventing anyone from going in or out.

Thirty years later, the British government believes everyone within the wall to be dead, but when they find signs of life and learn of the possibility of a cure, a team of specially trained agents led by Eden Sinclair (Rhona Mitra) become the first outsiders to venture inside the country since the epidemic.

They discover that there are plenty of survivors who have splintered into fierce, warlike tribes, living in a lawless society where cannibalism and murder are the order of the day.

Layer Cake / Snatch / Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels: A true Guy Ritchie fest! In 'Layer Cake', the story centres on a successful London-based cocaine dealer who plans an early retirement from the business. He is, however, handed an assignment, which involves 'layers' through which he must proceed in order to escape the modern underworld in which he is trapped.

His final job threatens to bring him back into the 'cake mix'. In 'Snatch' Turkish and Tommy, unlicensed boxing promoters, become unwillingly involved with a criminal called Brick Top. When they are persuaded to stage rigged bare knuckle fights things don't go exactly to plan.

In 'Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels', streetwise charmer Eddy, the son of steely bar owner JD, botches a gambling scheme with his dad's nemesis, porn king Hatchet Harry. He's got one week to come up with £500,000 or he loses his fingers and so do his friends Tom, Bacon and Soap.

In his debut feature film, director-writer Guy Ritchie weaves a tangled web of shady, blithely eccentric characters and several storylines, all of which come together in a gleeful explosion of murder and mayhem.

Jarhead / The Kingdom / Stealth: All three films star Jamie Foxx. In 'Jarhead', a young American Army recruit is sent to Saudi Arabia to fight in the first Gulf War. But once they arrive in the punishing heat of the desert, the long wait for battle sends many of the Marines dangerously close to the brink of insanity.

In 'The Kingdom' : Following a terrorist attack on an oil company compound in Saudi Arabia, which leads to the death of a visiting FBI agent, a determined team from the bureau set out to apprehend those responsible.

In 'Stealth', a team of three stealth bomber pilots are forced to fly with EDI (Extreme Deep Invader), a computer-manned prototype plane that specialises in extra-precision bombing. Before long, a freak accident causes it to question authority and launch an attack on Russia.

You want these cool action films don’t you? Ahhhh but first you have to be the winner! To enter the competition, answer the following question correctly:

Who is the famous footballer-turned-actor who appears in 'Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels'? Is it:

A] Vinnie Jones
B] Vincent Van Gogh
C] My Cousin Vinny

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