To kick off your New Year 2021 resolutions take a Money Detox!

Money Detox

Money Detox

SmartPurse, founded by Jude Kelly CBE and Olga Miler, the online financial toolbox for women providing support and guidance on all aspects of your financial health, begins a new programme to Detox your Money in January 2021.


- How to Develop Good Money Habits and a Healthy Money Mindset;

- How to save the SMART way & creating a Spending Plan that works, whether for tackling existing debt or working towards a big life goal;

- and actionable insights into:

- Tackling Retirement, no matter your age

- Whether to invest in a Financial Advisor

- Sustainable investing

- and Knowing your financial Risk Tolerance

The Money Detox is a simple but effective ‘straight to your inbox’ course to tackle your financial fitness and make an informed plan for being money healthy in 2021.

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We have 3 free spaces on the Detox Your Money programme to give away! The Detox Your Money programme also includes a year’s membership to the SmartPurse digital platform – that gives you access to member-only events, networking, courses, a digital money school, a whole host of money & financial planning calculators, worksheets - plus access to financial advisors who have been trained in ways women prefer to manage their money & engage with an advisor.

About SmartPurse:

Seemingly never more relevant than now, in the face of a major economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic, SmartPurse is the creation of co-founders Jude Kelly CBE and Olga Miler, a leading advisor on women’s finances.

SmartPurse provides an online money coaching platform and learning toolbox inspiring women everywhere to build financial independence. It is the winner of the Best Womens Financial Education ToolKit 2020, Fintech Awards, Wealth & Finance Magazine 2020.

LinkedIn: @smartpurse Twitter: @smart_purse Instagram: @smart.purse

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