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Excilor’s Nail Fungus Treatment Ultra

Excilor’s Nail Fungus Treatment Ultra

Around 10% of the population is suffering with a nail fungal infection1 and they make up almost half of all nail disorders. Many people are still unable to identify the problem early on which can lead to mild fungal nail becoming more established in the nail bed and making it harder to eradicate. Thankfully, clinically proven Excilor® Nail Fungus Treatment will help eliminate ugly, unsightly Nail Fungus that just won’t go away.

So, what exactly is nail fungus? The technical term for a fungal infection of the nail is Onychomycosis, which usually starts at the rim of the nail that will start to turn whitish-yellow, brown, or green. The fungus then grows into the nail, causing the nail plate to thicken, become brittle, and it may start to separate from the nail bed, which can become extremely painful. Nail fungus can be very problematic since it resides inside the nail, and if not treated properly, can result in the full loss of the nail and the risk of it spreading across to other nails on the feet or hands.

Luckily, Excilor has got your nails covered with their three different treatments for nail fungus. Excilor® Nail Fungus Treatment works on three principles: complete nail penetration; effective action in and under the nail, and convenience, ensuring the treatment is completed. The efficacy of Excilor’s nail fungus treatment has been proven in clinical trials, demonstrating how Excilor’s trademarked, TransActive Technology, penetrates the nail completely, changing the pH level inside the nail, creating a hostile environment for the fungi to grow and further damage the nail bed. The Excilor® Nail Fungus Treatment is easy to apply and there is no need to file the nail, ensuring this medical device penetrates the nail within seconds. Application will take one minute a day!

If you are a fungal nail sufferer who has a mild to moderate fungal nail infection, then clinically proven Excilor Nail Fungus Treatment ULTRA®, is the product for you. This extra strong formulation based on TransActive + Technology™ is active in and under the nail, over 24 hours.

Simply apply the liquid via the brush, once a day. There is no need to file the nail. Just peel off the old layer of ULTRA®, before reapplying a fresh coat. Nails instantly look brighter and smoother. It is also compatible with nail varnish.

And, for those looking for a product to use on the go, why not try Excilor’s Treatment for Fungal Nail Infection in a pen format, which helps users guide targeted treatment to the nail. This format contains the same effective TransActive Technology which is clinically proven to deeply penetrate the nail bed within minutes. Simply use the pen every day, and you will see viable results in two weeks.

All three treatments are easy to use, take one minute to apply and don’t require any filing of the nails. So, for fungal free nails, its Excilor all the way. Excilor’s Nail Fungus Treatment is available at Boots, Superdrug, Lloyds, and leading pharmacies, plus online at Amazon. RRP from £20.49.

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