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Westlab Salts

Westlab Salts

It’s not just elite athletes and budding professionals that need to be taking rest days seriously after intense exercise.

Leading bath salt brand in the UK, Westlab, offers the perfect products to restore and heal the body effectively post workout.

Trusted by Olympic and Paralympic athletes, the Epsom Bath Salts (RRP £4.99) soothe and relax aching muscles while also reducing stress levels.

Helping more to calm the mind and body, the  Magnesium Flakes (RRP £6.99) replenishes the body’s level of magnesium which is lost during intense exercise.

Removing negative and toxic substances, the Himalayan Salts (RRP £6.99) are packed with over 84 minerals including magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium, to support nutrient absorption, balance the body’s pH and increase circulation.

Finally, the Recover Salts (RRP £8.99) ignite and awaken the body, assist muscle recovery and soothe daily aches and pains.

All salts are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free and both have 100% recyclable packaging.

For your chance to win, just answer the following question:

Which salts are trusted by Olympic and Paralympic athletes?

A: Epsom 

B: Magnesium Flakes

C: Himalayan Salts 

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