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Imagine if you could have unlimited access to read all your favourite magazines online from anywhere, on any digital device at any time.  With the Readly magazine app, now you can.

Whenever you have a moment to yourself, relax or be inspired with Readly. From news and trends, fashion, health and beauty, music, celebrity gossip, food & drink and even puzzles, Readly provides instant access to all the top magazines via the app on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. There’s a magazine for every moment across the 2,000 UK & international magazines (620 UK titles) and back issues too.

  An ideal gift for Mother's Day, birthday's, travel or just because you can, Readly is the ultimate magazine subscription for anyone who loves to read. It's easy-to-use, fast, and accessible with all-you-can-read access for just £7.99 per month. 

Readly gives users five profiles per household so the whole family or friends can benefit too! And if you want to properly shut down without wi-fi, you can download up to 500 magazines and read them in the offline mode wherever you may be.

Read unlimited magazines in the most eco-friendly way possible, whilst saving valuable space. It’s there in your pocket.

Readly was launched in Sweden in March 2013 and is now available throughout the UK, USA and Germany.

We've teamed up with Readly to offer three lucky winners the chance to win a year of all your can read digital magazines with Readly. Simply answer the following question:

Q. What can you have unlimited access to with Readly?

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Closing Date : 6th April 2018

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