Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson

This Thursday sees the spectacular ‘Just Enough For The Real World’ live music show come to The Arcola Theatre, Dalston.  The show was created to highlight the issue of human trafficking and is fully backed by actress Emma Thompson.

‘This is great music by great writer-performers who were inspired by great suffering. Weirdly, it is full of humour and hope and breathes life into its listeners, not sadness.’ Emma Thompson

Just Enough Ltd is a non-profit organisation whose primary aim is to eliminate modern day people trafficking and slavery. 

They have worked with local authorities, companies, charities, schools and been involved with many campaigns related to trafficking.  Inspiration comes from happiness, not misery.  So their goal is to raise awareness of trafficking issues and to deliver their message in a positive and fun way.

Phil Knight believes that you can inspire people through entertainment and laughter, which he feels can achieve so much more than using shock tactics and guilt. 

This has echoed through his previous campaigns Drum For Life, The EVERYDAY Project and the acclaimed album 'Just Enough For The Real World'.

Just Enough Ltd can inspire students at any key stage level from Primary School to University.  They specialise in relating our presentation and work to Humanities, History, Music, Media Studies, Art and Drama.

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