This clip of the boy falling off his chair in pursuit of an ice-cream truck. There really is nothing better than his face, so full of hope, smack-landing on the floor. 

Alice Snedden

Alice Snedden

A fart at the right time, or even better, the wrong time. Once, when I was very upset and crying to a friend, right at the height of my emotion, she let out a fart, that trumped through the room and cut through my tears. It was the hardest I’ve ever laughed and I will not apologise for that. 

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants: There’s a scene where they’re in their loft all arguing with each other, and one of them gets fed up and yells, “can we please just talk about the pants?!”. It’s the performance of a lifetime. For someone to say “can we please just talk about the pants?!”, with such sincerity and conviction. I love it.

30 Rock - It’s funny stuff. 

When my niece was two years old she took a shit in my parents driveway. She did it despite a chorus of adults saying, “Sophie, don’t you poo right now! Go to the toilet”. She made full eye contact with her parents and directly defied them. It was a beautiful moment and I truly believe that’s the attitude that will make her a CEO one day. The future is bright!

6-10. Self-Titled starring me and on the Edinburgh Fringe this year. I’ve heard it heaps, more than anyone, and it gets me every time. 

See Alice Snedden: Self Titled at the Pleasance Courtyard throughout the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 1st – 26th August. For tickets visit