Being a busy wellness guru, I often find myself travelling all over the country, spreading my healthy message. My followers often ask me how I stay healthy when I'm on the go and I always say that the most important thing to do, is do your research. Luckily for me, Scotland is renowned for its unique approach to healthy eating and Edinburgh is no exception.

Bella Younger

Bella Younger

When I'm in Edinburgh I like to eat locally sourced so I try to only eat food within walking distance of my Edinburgh show venue. I'm at the Pleasance this year so I'll be visiting Tempting tattie and the Castle Rock chippie in the Grass Market. If I'm going low carb I'll just look for the nearest place that serves a deep fried haggis.

One of my favourite things about Edinburgh's wellness cafe's is that they will batter anything. You could say that the deep fat fryer is Scotland's nutribullet and it never fails to add something extra special to your favourite healthy dish. Deep fried courgetti and avocadoes are delicious and nutritious and are a great alternative to a raw food diet. Cafe Piccante on Broughton street is a favourite. They're known as the disco chippy so you can dance yourself to a healthier, happier you while waiting for your nourishing dish.

A lot of people like to take vitamin tablets to boost their diet but the Scots have got real tablet. Tablet is so nourishing and delicious. Head to the fudge kitchen on the Royal Mile to find all the healthy tablets you could ever need.

I like to make sure I juice cleanse at least once a week and when I'm in Scotland the first cleanse I go to is Buckfast. Buckfast is full of fortified (which means healthy) grapes which are one of your 5 a day and bursting with invigorating vitamins to keep you feeling energised all day long.

As I'm sure you know, porridge is such a brilliant, healthy way to start the day. Obviously porridge is nothing without the toppings so make sure to add an extra helping of goodness with some of Scotland's famous berries. I love foraging. A great place to find produce is Lickety Splits sweet shop on Jeffrey street. Their selection is amazing so you'll be sure to find all the soor plooms and gummy raspberries you could want. Also don't forget that porridge isn't porridge unless it's washed down with a nourishing irn bru.

One of the first things people ask me about my lifestyle is 'am I allowed to snack?' Luckily the answer is absolutely yes. I always like to keep some healthy energy balls to hand when I'm out and about and the Scots have got spherical food nailed. Having a couple of Tunnocks tea cakes in a tupperware is a great way to make sure you've always got something healthy to reach for when you're on the go.

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