Hi, I’m Bex, and I’m presenting Fun Kids Radio’s Epic Roadshow Adventure at the Underbelly with my pal, Dan. It’s pretty easy to make me laugh, but here are the top 10 things…

Fun Kids Radio Bex and Dan

Fun Kids Radio Bex and Dan

1)      Saturday Night Live- In particular, any sketch with Kenan Thompson. He’s mastered the art of fitting into any sketch as either the straight man or funny guy, and his ‘What Up With That?’ skits are so much fun to watch.

2)      Pappy’s- I saw them a few years ago in the Pleasance Courtyard, and was blown away by how silly, brilliant and joyous they were. I often have to pause their podcast- Flatshare Slamdown- because I’m laughing too much.

3)      The Adam & Joe Podcast- Despite the fact they’ve been off-air as a duo for many years, I’ve saved all their old shows on my phone and still listen in when I need a pick-me-up…mostly so I can relive the time they both made songs about Grazia magazine.

4)      Parks & Recreation- One of the ultimate, feel-good sitcoms. All the characters are likable, the show is full of hope, and it never fails to make me laugh out loud. Andy telling Leslie she has ‘network connectivity problems’ still makes me giggle.

5)      Nish Kumar- One of the best stand-ups around, for sure! Nish’s shows have been consistently excellent, and I’m very excited to see that he’s back at the Fringe this year doing a work in progress show.

6)      Massive Dad- I absolutely love sketch comedy, and every time I see this group onstage I know it’s going to be a fun night. Tessa, Liz and Stevie are doing solo projects this year, but I know they’ll all be ace, because of how awesome their group was.

7)      Hot Fuzz- I loved Spaced and I loved Sean of the Dead, so it just follows suit that I love this film made by the same gang. Plus I’m 98% certain that anything Edgar Wright touches turns to gold.

8)      Victoria Wood- Probably my absolute favourite comedian. Her gentle-yet-cutting turn of phrase meant she could do anything, from writing the perfect comic song to creating one of the best sitcoms ever- Dinnerladies.

9)      Morecambe & Wise- This feels like such an obvious answer, but I’ve loved them since I was tiny. I could watch their sketches over and over again, and laugh every time. They’re undoubtedly the best double-act ever (sorry, Cannon & Ball).

10)  Ladhood- This series from Liam Williams (one third of Sheeps, another great group at the Festival this summer) was one of my favourite radio comedies from the last few years. Liam tells the listener about his time at school and university, and the whole thing is not only very funny but also incredibly (often worryingly) relatable.

Fun Kids Radio’s Epic Roadshow Adventure is at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from August 1st – 27th (not 13th)

Tickets https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/fun-kids-radio-s-epic-roadshow-adventure