Hi, my name is Drennon Davis. I’m a character and musical comic from Los Angeles coming to the Edinburgh Fringe with some of my favorite comics to bring you what America does best - PROPAGANDA! So let’s talk about it!

Drennon Davis by Mandee Johnson

Drennon Davis by Mandee Johnson

As a dirty capitalist, it’s easier and easier to get what we want in America by catering to the lowest common denominator. Entertain the dummies and the they’ll worship the ground you stand on. This show is a cynical look at how we use propaganda nowadays with our never ending onslaught of media directed at you, the consumer.

Not to say that the UK isn’t just as guilty of it. I’m sending our poster to the printers, to be duplicated by the hundreds and released in the wonderful city of Edinburgh, only to be overlooked and posted over by the seemingly infinite amount of “art” from the rest of the performers just trying to be seen and heard. We all do it, but we used to be better at it! We used to cater to the intelligent and thoughtful. That seems to be rarity now.

Yes, I’m looking at you England! Once you brought us the genius of Monty Python, now all I see come out of you is a thousand bullshit panel shows talking about some trite garbage about the lost member of One Direction. Dummies will laugh and will be forgotten immediately after it’s said.

But this show isn’t about the UK! You don’t need some asshole American telling you what your problems are. You’re going to come see this show because we make fun of MY dumbshit country.

I remember when it was cool to be American. It was around the same time I thought British people were smart based off of their accent alone. We were respected and progressive in our ideals and innovation. Yes, we still are in a lot of respects, but it’s safe to say that things have changed.

Sure, America is certainly still “cool” compared to, say, North Korea but not nearly as cool as Iceland. They have fucking pirates running things. THAT’S cool. And don’t get me started on some of the Scandinavian countries, THEY are cool. And I should know, the US invented “cool.” We brought the slang term to the masses in the 40s using our #1 export. Of course I’m talking about entertainment. Despite my country sucking more and more in just about every field, we still rule in one industry, and that’s show biz baby! Everything from the biggest, most innovative blockbuster films to the worst reality show garbage. But it’s gotten out of hand. With the birth of the social media star, literally anyone can be an influencer. Even our (gulp) president is a reality show star. Despite how much whiskey I drink, I can’t seem to forget that. Is it any wonder that we’re not cool anymore? We’re a nation dummies trying to entertain other dummies.

So that’s what the show is about! It’s a mix of musical comedy, absurd sketches and a few hilarious impressions that might make you think about how we all digest our media.

Drennon Davis performs The Imaginary Radio Programme at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe at Just The Tonic, The Cask Room from 3rd -27th Aug at 5pm. More info and tickets are available at www.drennondavis.org