I have only ever seen Ed Byrne in Mock the Week and Live at the Apollo, so it was wonderful to finally watch him as the star of his own show at Parr Hall, Warrington on Tuesday night.

Ed Byrne

Ed Byrne

As the title would suggest, Ed is very candid about all the ups and downs of relationships, self-loathing and ageing disgracefully. All topics that are comedy gold for anyone from their twenties upwards.

As a new parent myself, I found the stories about his two children to be the funniest aspect of his show- but people who aren’t blessed with little darlings of their own were laughing along too- through relief if nothing else.

A resounding theme of this show is Ed’s lack of confidence in himself- which we’ve all felt at one time or another. He touched upon the strange things we think about when we aren’t feeling at our best and it was belly achingly funny.

My favourite part of the show however wasn’t scripted- we were unfortunately sitting right in front of a couple who thought it was appropriate to talk all the way through the first half (there are many choice words I could use to describe them but I’m a professional so I won’t).

Needless to say, we’ve all been there. I was on the brink of turning around and screaming at the culprits, but I was beaten to it. As the tension grew in the rest of the crowd- Ed jumped in and asked them if they had learned to whisper in a helicopter and to get some f*****g manners. I’m not going to lie, it made my night- and we all cheered that they had finally been called out for their rudeness. The best comedians are the ones who can handle a badly behaved heckler and Ed didn’t disappoint!

If you’re like me and have enjoyed Ed Byrne’s brand of comedy in the snippets you have seen of him on TV- you are in for a real treat if you get tickets to his show.

He has an innocent type of humour that any crowd could appreciate and is an expert in his delivery. In fact, I thought my friend, who accompanied me to the show, wasn’t going to catch her breath at one point she laughed so hard. 

I enjoyed the show so much I gushed about it to my mam over text afterwards and she has now bought tickets for her local venue. I can’t wait to hear what she thinks.

Thanks to Pyramid and Parr Hall, Warrington for giving me the opportunity to see a show that was long overdue on my bucket list. 

I will definitely be buying tickets for Ed's next tour.

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