Ellie Taylor is bringing hit Edinburgh show, Infidelliety to The Soho Theatre on 13th and 14th December so we caught up with her to ask her what fans can look forward to and about the secret to a happy marriage.

Ellie Taylor

Ellie Taylor

What can audiences expect from your new show Infidelliety?

An hour of lovely silliness.

What made you want to focus on marriage for this tour?

I recently got married so it's a topic on my mind. My comedy is very much based on what I'm experiencing so it's kind of inevitable. Total vanity really.

You're trapped in a dreadfully happy marriage- so what are your top tips for marital bliss?

Haha. Ask me in 20 years, mate. From what I can gather now, I'd say always go to sleep on an argument (everything is less of big deal after some kip) and try to be kind to one another. And date night. Gross phrase but great concept. Especially when Mr Joint Account pays for it.

When did you know that you wanted to be a comedian for a living?

I'm not exactly sure. I started comedy as a hobby with no intention of making it my career. It just kind of happened gradually I think when I realised there was another reality out there for me involving not having to sit at a desk all day working for someone else and dashing to Pret during my one hour designated lunch break. (Who am I kidding, I still love Pret - mushroom risotto in a SOUP? Yes please).

What advice do you have for other aspiring comedians?

Gig loads and don't expect to make any money for ages! It's bloody hard work!

Have you had any cringe worthy moments on stage? If so could you share one with us?

Far too many to mention. If you haven't truly died a million times as a comic you haven't gigged enough!

You studied at the University of York so what was your funniest moment from your uni days?

It was three years of brilliance. I had the best time. Just so joyful and fun. Loads of partying in shit nightclubs, fancy dress and cling-filming my housemates to kitchen chairs.

You have had many TV appearances now- so which one will always stick with you?

Playing the Hammersmith Apollo was pretty special. It's a venue I think all comics want to be able to play so to be able to go out on that stage with my family in the audience was something I'm really proud of. It made me feel a bit teary when I left the stage as I was so chuffed with myself. Comedy is a tough job and I can be very hard on myself so this was one experience I could just pat myself on the back for with no exceptions.

Which comedian has been your greatest inspiration over the years?

When I was younger it was people like Victoria Wood who I loved. Nowadays, as I work in the industry longer I find it's my contemporaries who are real inspirations. There are so many people who are so passionate about what they do working their arses off every day. Them keeping going and moving forward inspires me to do the same.

What is next for you?

A new stand up show! I just have to write it first...

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