The Morrell High Ground is comedy inspired by fear and frustration. I know that doesn’t sound like massive lolz but bear with me. I write what I know and consider my life my inspiration. My life is a life about disability and the fight to see…literally! My experiences have created an inside look into what it is to be disabled, some stories funny, others weird, others poignant but all are relevant.

Georgie Morrell

Georgie Morrell

My first show, also returning to Edinburgh this year, A Poke in the Eye is also what inspired this one.  A Poke in the Eye focused on the year I went blind, again doesn't sound funny but trust me, it is.  I take the audience through that year and now with The Morrell High Ground am taking the audience through my life and disability. I am using my life to try convey the issues surrounding disability such as benefit cuts and the future NHS. I believe you can use personal stories and anecdotes to convey a bigger message.  Some of the issues surrounding disability are very tense and people fear to talk about them but I have found using humour makes it all the more accessible.

My other inspiration for this show is fear and frustration. The reality is futures are very uncertain for disabled people. The NHS is flailing, the benefit system is being cut and we live in a society still dogged with misconceptions due to lack of education on disability. If we don’t start talking about it how will be break down these barriers?  How will people know that if they become disabled there will not be a sufficient system in place for them? Knowledge is power and my stories have the ability to convey that on a personal fun level.

My fear is what comes next. I need the NHS. We need the NHS. Anyone can become disabled. FACT. I hope that talking about these issues will galvanise people to fight for our healthcare system.

Lastly, people inspire me. I have been lucky enough to receive messages of thanks for creating a dialogue around disability and hope I can build on that with these two shows.

Georgie Morrell will be performing her new show The Morrell High Ground from 4-28 August, 3pm at Underbelly Med Quad and her first show A Poke in The Eye  from 4-28 August at 8.30pm at the Laughing Horse.