Gok Wan, the man who encouraged women and men to ‘get naked’ in his six season  Channel 4 series How To Look Good Naked,  is finally ‘getting naked’ himself with the announcement of a brand new stage show Gok Wan Naked & Baring All.   With 18 theatre dates around the UK, starting at the end of October in Norwich, the show marks the first time the multi-talented fashion guru, TV presenter, author, programme maker and  Panto star, has taken to the stage to ‘bare all’ about his own life.  We caught up with him to find out what audiences can expect.  

Gok Wan

Gok Wan

Please tell us about your new show Gok Wan Naked and Baring All. 

This will be the first time I've travelled around the UK to talk about me! This is where you get to hear all the juicy bits of gossip and stories I've never discussed before. Think of it as a sort of live follow-up to my autobiography! It will be cheeky, funny, camp and a whole lot of Baring All.

How did it all come about?

I LOVE performing at Panto at Christmas so was trying to think of a way to tread the boards at other times of the year. I wanted to do a show in an intimate setting so I could really reach out to the audience, and as luck would have it, my Agent was already on the case with a producer friend of ours. A few creative meetings, some x rated conversations, lots of gin (I mean tea) and we had the outline of the show agreed!! 

You were very open and honest in your autobiography so why did you feel the need to bare even more with this show?

My autobiography was very honest but I still held back. It’s been a long time (like 57 years) since my autobiography was out, so This Baring All tour is everything that's happened since then, or stories I haven't shared in the books. I can guarantee that you are in for some real treats!! 

We loved you in How To Look Good Naked! Will this show EVER come back or will we have to keep watching re-runs on More 4?!

Never say never! That's all I am saying.

You have starred in many guilty pleasure shows- so which TV do you never miss?

I will always record Portrait Artist of the Year on Sky Arts on the box and catch up with it as soon as my busy schedule allows! I wouldn't miss it for the world! 

You co-wrote the show with director Owen Lewis, so how did you find working together and what was the atmosphere like during rehearsals?

We had so much fun writing it. At first it was really hard trying to remember the countless funny and outrageous stories that have happened over the years (nothing to do with my age!) but when you get going, it all starts to pour out. I wasn't allowed to put some stuff in, but I got away with most of it! It’s a strange thing standing up in rehearsals and taking about yourself, but I think we've done it in a really fun and unique style and once my beautiful audience is there it's when I come alive! 

You are frequently referenced as ‘the man I would most likely leave my husband for’ so how does this make you feel?

Honoured, loved, and a little scared! ;)

You have done so much since your humble beginnings in Leicester, so what has been the biggest highlight?

God where do I begin? That is such a hard question. Ummmmm, I always say it was meeting the Sex In The City cast and having the privilege to interview them, but to go a step further I would say it's the gorgeous women and people I've met over my career. 

What are your top tips for being confident in your appearance and your abilities?

Number 1- You have always got to believe in yourself, and believe in your self-worth.

2. Care less about what other people think of you.

3. Don't compare yourself to others.

4. Work with what you have and embrace it.

5. Look in the mirror every day and say aloud 3 positive things about yourself. 

What is next for you?

I am working on some really exciting projects that I can't reveal yet. I know everyone says that, but my Agent would actually kill me if I said anything just yet. I am also continuing my run of Fashion Brunch Clubs up and down the country, where I recreate what I do on TV in some gorgeous hotels over a Brunch, some fizz and a catwalk show. I am loving it! I hope you all enjoy the Naked And Baring All Tour, and I can't wait to have a natter with you all very soon. 

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