During her time at London Guildhall and as RADA's Head of Acting, Jennie Buckman taught some of the UK's finest actors including Daniel Craig, Tom Hiddleston, Ben Whishaw (see the link? #nextbond), Adrien Lester and Andrea Riseborough. She's worked with The National Theatre and the RSC and as a respected playwright has written countless plays for BBC radio and many other highly regarded institutions. She's now the Artistic Director of one of London's most exciting theatre companies and is backing Sophie Okonedo (another Jennie RADA alumni) and Noma Dumezweni (currently playing Hermione Granger in the new West End show) to be the #NextBond!

Jennie Buckman

Jennie Buckman

But here are 10 more fascinating things to help you get to know Jennie Buckman

A life-changing experience was going to Cuba in 1978 as part of the British delegation for the World Youth and Student Festival. Brilliant! Bit like Club Med for Reds!

I have three sons and a daughter. My daughter Zoe Buckman is an amazing artist and a strong feminist. She's over from New York to exhibit at the Camden Arts Festival this weekend. Look 'er up!

I've also got 8 totally divine grandchildren ... 7 are girls, and 7 are aged 5 and under!

I've taught many of the familiar faces you see on TV, theatre and film: I drive my family bonkers by shouting 'She's my girl! Taught him! ... ' at the screen.

I'm a Corbyn fan ... and I dread to think that we might actually leave Europe. HELP!

I honestly truly LOVE Shakespeare

I drink my tea from a mug which says 'Idris Elba's bath water' (too much sharing?)

I love how my theatre company Giants is going. In the past year we have worked with women survivors of domestic violence and enforced marriages, with ex-offenders and women in prison, with Traveller women, with actors with disabilities, with secondary school students and loads more. It's been an amazing learning experience for me and Tania (Azevedo) my brilliant young colleague.

I've been with the same man Nick for over 36 years ... and it was love at first sight (honest!)

I've only ever lived in London ... and coming of age in 60s London was LUCKY!

I LOVE SWEARING!! I've given up driving and really miss the chance to cuss other road users!

Piece of Silk, written by Jennie Buckman, directed by Tania Azevedo and produced by The Giants Theatre Company, is at The Hope Theatre, Islington now until the 2nd July. For tickets visit http://www.thehopetheatre.com/

To learn more about Giants visit: http://www.giantstheatre.com/