What can audiences expect form your new show?

Elis and John

Elis and John

They can expect a live version of our podcast and Radio X show, which I thoroughly recommend they check out so they're up to speed on some of the features we're planning. It's two guys talking about all the hot topics: histories great Welsh Communists, Ale below 4.5% ABV and the ongoing saga of George Ezra

You both worked as solo comedians before working together- so does it ease the pressure to have someone else on stage with you?

It's a totally different experience to be honest. We're so used to each other's rhythm and backstory that it's a constant state of riffing, teasing and then putting an arm round the shoulder when one of us loses confidence.

When did you both know you had a talent for being funny?

I think the minute you think you're talented is the minute you lose that talent. Always best to be absolutely ridden with self-doubt and amazement at your circumstances.

Do you have a preference between stand up and radio?

Absolutely not! Who is making me chose and why?! Radio is a more intimate relationship with individual listeners. Each of them has a connection to you that you don't get with stand-up. However stand-up has this incredible 'in the moment' feel, we're looking to combine those two things on the tour

You have both had many TV appearances so is there a standout moment for you?

When Bob Mortimer walked into my dressing room before recording Alan Davies: As Yet Untitled, saw my pint of Guinness and said "are you boozing?". Then he opened a can of Skol. It was just a dream come true. What a hero!

Who do you most admire in the world of comedy?

I admire anyone who is funny but also compassionate and kind with it. So, Josie Long, Bridget Christie, Sara Pascoe and many others like them.

Of all the comedians you have met in your time- who have you clicked with the most?

Elis and I have been doing our Radio X show for nearly three years now, that wouldn't be possible if he wasn't one of the most engaging, laid-back, forgiving people I know. He's ludicrously tolerant of all my many moods, failings and darkness.

What would your advice be to other comedians just starting out?

Be easy to work with. Write an hour of material a year. Gig as often as you can. The very act of beginning it should be reward in itself.

What is next for you both beyond the tour?

I think we'd like to write something scripted together. Any offers welcome!

The Elis James & John Robins Experience tour takes in 20 dates starting on 6th October at the Norwich Playhouse and culminating on 14th November at London's Kentish Town Forum. To buy tickets to go www.elisandjohn.com

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