9am- Still asleep.

Katie Brennan by Richard Davenport

Katie Brennan by Richard Davenport

10am- Still asleep.

11am- Wake-up! My body clock has had to do a pretty big shift because our show is quite late at night (22.50) so I'm getting used to going to bed late and waking up late!

11.30- Have breakfast (usually avo on toast, I'm pretty basic) whilst scanning Twitter and Facebook to see if there's any mentions of the show the night before. Word of mouth is pretty much the best way to sell a show on the Fringe, so keeping up with the social media conversation is really important!

11.45- Head out to find a coffee spot. My current favourite is CULT Espresso on Buccleuch Street. Whilst here, I'll catch up with my lovely PR people and answer a couple of e-interviews.

12.30- 16.30- Catch a couple of shows. So far I've loved 'Get Ugly' by Tamar Broadbent, 'Fabric' at Underbelly and 'Dracula' at Pleasance Courtyard. There really is stuff going on in every single nook and cranny of the city and it's amazing to be able to see such a diverse range of stuff!

16.45- Have a late lunch/early dinner- The Underbelly and Assembly Gardens in George Square are AMAZING for grabbing grub on the go. There are a tonne of amazing street food trucks, serving everything from mac 'n' cheese to curry.

17.30- Nap. This is my tenth year at Edfringe and I know the importance of rest and vitamins. I learnt the hard way that one cannot survive on gin and deep fried haggis alone.

18.30- Start to get ready for the show! I'm pretty sure my neighbours are already sick of me warming up every day and my landlord is gonna kill me for the amount of glitter I've got in the carpet but GAL'S GOTTA DO WHAT A GAL'S GOTTA DO!

20.30-Flyering. Before the show I have a wander round the venue gardens and streets nearby handing out flyers for the show to try and drum up any last minute audience members. If you see me doing this, please take some flyers, I have ten thousand I need to get rid of during this month!

22.00- Meet my team in the venue for a cheeky pre-show gin. Work hard play hard!

22.40- Get-in. We have ten minutes before the show to set up, as the venue has a whole programme of shows during the day, which is why running times are so important in Edinburgh. Luckily for us, our get-in is fairly simple!

22.50- SHOWTIME. So far, we've been really busy and our audiences have loved the show, and laughed a lot which always feels FAB. We also might have critics in, in which case you'll see me bribing them in the bar afterwards.

23.50- Get-out. As soon as the audience are all out, we then dismantle the show and pack it away in our little storage space which we share with all the other companies who are also performing in our venue. Then we head to the bar for a well-earned drink and a debrief with the producer about ticket sales, audience reaction and the plan for tomorrow.

01.00- Head to do a late night gig. At the fringe there are a tonne of shows that have a line-up of performers which changes daily, so that people can plug their show and audiences can come and get a taste of lots of shows all in one!

03.00- Bed. Same again tomorrow!

Katie Brennan's Quarter Life Crisis is on at Underbelly George Square (The Wee Coo) from 3rd August at 22:50.