This Country (Daisy Cooper is the don)

Lolly Jones by Steve Ullathorne

Lolly Jones by Steve Ullathorne

Brexit negotiations

I’m not proud of this but me and my flatmate quote 2016’s Celebrity Big Brother non-stop. It was a vintage year: Stephanie had her sordid affair, there was the ‘David’s Dead’ incident but it was also the year that Tiffany slagged off Gemma Collins for borrowing her shoes. We can’t get through a full quote without pissing ourselves.

Dog memes. I just watched a dog skateboarding. #goals

Hipsters. It’s taken a dark turn. The youth in Hackney are now dressing like extra’s in a 90’s real crime documentary. What is with those round rimmed glasses? Murderers, the lot of them.

Car selfies. It’s enough to put anyone off internet dating.

British porn! I host a podcast (Porn that Way – available on I-Tunes!) where Emmy Fyles and I dissect the more surreal genres. British porn is true to life – there’s an amazing video set in a job centre and the guy running the workshop is wearing a waistcoat. He looks like a snooker player.

When anyone introduces themselves using their full name, no matter what their surname is, I always say ‘any relation’? No one ever laughs, they just look confused.

The new timetable by Southern Rail.

My nephew’s tantrums. I was building him a train track and I didn’t put the bridge in the place where he wanted it. He went ape shit. I love it so much. Imagine if we never grew out of that? Life would be so much more fun.

Burlesque Idol - Finalist 2018

Infinitease - Finalist 2018

Funny Women Awards - Top 10 Best Show - 2017

Funny Women Awards - Comedy Shorts – finalist - 2016

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Time:              8.50pm           

Dates:             3rd – 24th August (except 13th)      

Previews:       1 & 2nd August