Please tell us about your brand of comedy- what can audiences expect?

Luke Courtier by Steve Ullathorne

Luke Courtier by Steve Ullathorne

Singing. Chatting. A general sense of full bodied mirth. An in depth narrative exploration into precisely why we have lunch. Some death. A good bit about ham.

Which comedians have been your biggest influence?

Rob Delaney - in tiny part because he's also quite hairy but mostly because he's terrifically funny. Tim Minchin, Flight of the Conchords, and then watching people I admire who are just really good whenever I see them - George Lewis, James Loveridge, Sophie Willan, Alison Thea Scott, Catherine Bohart, Mae Martin, Daphne, Lazy Susan, Nigel Ng.. could probably go on for quite a while!

What random things make you laugh in everyday life?

Beige. Odd textures. Loud shirts. The phrase 'de rigueur'. Croissants shaped like people I've met.

Please tell us about your best and worst moment on stage so far.

Worst - when no one laughed. Instead they merely pondered. Ruminated in a damp silence. 'I wonder if I've left the broccoli on for too long' I could feel an enigmatic looking fellow in the front row who may or may not have been an Aunt of mine.

Best - the complete and utter opposite.

Do you still get nervous when you do a gig?

Yes. I feel a profound sense of peril whenever I set foot near a gig but I think maybe that's the fun. And I don't like rollercoasters.

Why is Edinburgh Fringe Festival such a great platform for comedians?

Because it's dense with really excellent comedians, artists, musicians, and you can just go and see everyone and sort of absorb mirth by osmosis between mouthfuls of starchy


Who are you looking forward to seeing as an audience member?

The aforementioned Aunt.

What is your advice to aspiring comedians?

Don't invite Aunts.

What is the oddest heckle you've ever received?

'Aren't you my nephew?' (Stop it - Ed)

What is next for you?


Luke Courtier: Lunch

Underbelly, Cowgate 18:20 (19:20) 4th - 28th (Not 16)

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