I was lucky enough to have a rare night out on Saturday with my husband to see what The Comedy Store had to offer at the Pyramid Arts Centre in Warrington.

The Comedy Store

The Comedy Store

You never know what you are going to get at The Comedy Store as the acts are a total surprise when you book your tickets- however with three acts and an MC- you are bound to connect with someone throughout the course of the night. We certainly did.

Lou Conran was our MC for the night, and it wasn’t long before she picked on the front row and lots of laughs were had at the expense of an attractive couple and their family who bravely sat in the best seats in the house. Conran is shamelessly rude and an expert at handling an audience- especially those who dared to heckle her. She certainly started the night on a high.

David Hadingham was our first act and someone I had never seen before. It took him a while to warm up- but once he got going- he had the audience on board with his stories about his relationship with his wife and getting older two subjects which always have universal appeal when the majority of the audience members are middle aged. Hadingham is like the Cockney friend you see down the pub- he’s down to earth with a gift for spinning a well-paced joke.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see Larry Dean before at The Comedy Store- however he didn’t recycle his material and we were treated to some new and expertly timed gags. His opening line about his withering stare had everyone hooked on his brand of comedy and he was a roaring success with his tales about Glasgow stereotypes, being gay and dealing with a long-distance relationship. I would happily go and see Dean in a show of his own- mainly for his talent for accents.

Steve Gribbin is a loud and foul mouthed Scouser with a guitar- who expresses his distaste for all things public transport, Trump and politics through the medium of music. An unusual act- but one that had the audience fully engaged. He is not for the faint hearted- I took a sharp intake of breath on many occasion as his jokes are very near the knuckle.

Thanks to the Pyramid Arts Centre for a night off from being parents and a jolly good laugh!

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