It's the day before I head up to Edinburgh for the Fringe. It's EdFringe Eve. Tonight I'll leave out goodies (my life savings) and hope that Santa "Five Star" Clause will turn up at some point during the month.

Robin Morgan

Robin Morgan

Today I've got my final preview of the show. A big day. Which is why I'm definitely awake and not writing this still in bed. I'll power up on coffee until I feel human enough to write jokes.

I've just noticed that my partner has written me a note on our fridge saying:

"Robin: don't forget Edinburgh gig stuff (hip flasks)."

She's very supportive.

All comics are different, but before a preview, I'll act out the show in my kitchen, to no-one, leaving incredibly long pauses for the inevitable roars of laughter that will follow my every word. Tough crowd.

At the moment, my partner's on summer holidays. (She's a teacher). Which means my 'rehearsal' involves me whispering out the show, and stopping, embarrassed, when she enters the kitchen - like she's walked in on me committing a nefarious deed.

Whilst doing this, I know that I should really be packing for Edinburgh. Planning a month's worth of clothes is a wonderful juggling act - especially when I've ambitiously declared to take my running gear because I WILL BE GOING FOR A RUN AROUND THE MEADOWS EVERY SINGLE DAY.

I made the same declaration last year. Did it twice. I'm hoping to break that record this year.

I've packed for every weather: shorts, jeans, gloves, hats, sunglasses, sombreros - you name it, I've got it. My suitcase is heavy now - it'll be even heavier on the return leg once I've shunted some emotional baggage into it.

This afternoon I'll meet up with my friend Clint. He sounds like a sixty-year-old American tobacco salesman, but he's actually a man in his thirties from Stevenage. He's also a superbly funny comic, and we're writing together today.

We'll head over to the ace Backyard Comedy Club in Bethnal Green, and I'll act out the show for him. Even tougher crowd. As 7pm approaches, the audience will arrive in their hordes (tens).

I've been filming my preview shows to try and learn from them. It has helped. But I've often watched them back on the way home from a gig. Last week a lady looked over at my phone to watch me laughing at a video of myself performing stand-up comedy. I'm my biggest fan.

Tonight I'll get back late and pack the 'gig stuff' that Jenny was reminding me of.

This year's show 'Free Man' is using a projector, so I need all the boring tech stuff to go along with that. The show focuses on one true story, and it's truly unbelievable in places, which is why I'm having to back up my words with sweet, sweet photographic evidence.

In another bag I have the most important thing I'll take up to Edinburgh: an engagement ring. (Come and see the show. You won't regret it.)

See Robin Morgan Free Man at Just The Tonic at The Caves 4th - 28th August, 8.00pm. For tickets visit