First off, thank you to the people of Female First for the opportunity to contribute.

Russell Hicks

Russell Hicks

Let me say the following, without any bitterness or malice, nor with any condescension to this lovely publication.  The fact that my PR people have had to resort to me writing a ‘top ten’ list, because the comedy industry is as interested in my ‘schtick’ as a subject to be written about, as a warm cup of tea - I find that funny. Truly, I do.

I’m reminded of when I first moved to Hollywood. My choice of career path had just resulted in divorce. I was only getting booked at open mics. I had just done one, where I was heckled by a homeless man. He won.  As I walked down Sunset Blvd in my tattered shoes, as billboards showcasing a menagerie of the success of others stared down at me mockingly, the reality of my situation hit me. The utter bleakness of its totality. In that rarest of moments, I briefly caught a glimpse of myself in pure abstract objectivity.  

I laughed so hard I nearly fell over.

Aside from that, the following actually make me laugh out loud (LOL): Mystery Science Theatre 3000, The scene in The Big Lebowski when Walter dumps out Donny’s ashes, Ace Venture 2 when Jim Carrey gets two spears stuck in both legs, when a celebrity ends their career on Twitter, certain members of my family, my answer to this, old episodes of the Phil Hendrie Show, and Brody Stevens.

Thank you and good night.

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