I first came across Sara Pascoe in Mock of the Week and Russell Howard's Stand Up Central. She caught my attention because she looks at the world a little differently to everyone else- just like I do- so I was instantly drawn to her unusual train of thought. Plus she's a vegan so I have nothing but admiration for her life choices!

Sara Pascoe

Sara Pascoe

Seeing snippets of her among other comedians was enough to whet my appetite to see her go solo at The Lowry. I was looking forward to a full 90 minutes of her own brand of funny.

And she was well worth the wait. Pascoe has a kindness and consideration about her comedy so you feel like you're with a friend and a genuinely lovely human being when she's performing.

She touches upon everyday relationships, friendships and childhood memories in her new tour (with a sprinkling of politics and current affairs for good measure)- her chosen topics are relatable and approachable so you know where you stand with her.

The thing I admire most about Pascoe is how humble she is. She told us about her new book in the character of 'confident Sara' just before the interval- as she claimed she was too shy to promote it as herself, which was very sweet while still getting the message across that she was doing a signing at the end of the show- which was very exciting news. It's not every day you get to meet a comedian!

I took my mother in law with me and it was just the thing we needed- perfect for Saturday night giggles with the girls. My mother in law hadn't seen Pascoe in anything before so she came with an open mind and she was an instant hit with her.

We bought a copy of Pascoe's new book Animal during the interval and she kindly signed our copy and had her picture taken with us after the show. She was very generous with her fans which made me like her even more.

I would happily go and see Pascoe again- her positivity radiates though the audience members and you come away with a real feel good factor afterwards. Thanks for brightening up my weekend Sara and I look forward to your future offerings!

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