As I write this, we're sitting on a train to Edinburgh, surrounded by maple and banana muffins, cheese and celery sandwiches, and coconut seaweed (it's a thing and it's AMAZING. I know it sounds weird but it tastes great). We are a snack obsessed company.

This is Showstopper's 9th Edinburgh and my 14th in a row, so you think I'd know what an average day would be like up there. But this year we're on at 6pm rather than our previous 10.30pm slot. It makes a huge difference - we can actually have dinner and go and see other people's shows. Of course, we'll be doing the kids' show as well, so late nights and drinking are still a no-no (although we're a pretty abstemious company by and large - we're all too old and get terrible hangovers. Why don't they warn you about that??).

So an average day will mean getting up as late as possible to get to the Pleasance for 10am to warm up before the kids' show - it's a lot of fun, and will be a great wake up, and we'll be tired so our censor won't be completely engaged so when they tell us to be Mr Poo and Professor Piddle Pants, we'll do it without a second thought.

Then we get to have some time off - I'll be going to the City Restaurant as much as possible because I love chips. We are a snack obsessed company. And then back to the Pleasance for our evening show in the Grand. It's an amazing thing and 9 times larger than the venue we started in 9 years ago, so it feels apt!

Then we'll come back to the flat and watch something obsessively. We like to have an obsession. One year, it was the YouTube shred of One Direction's The Story of My Life. This year it's Amy Schumer - particularly her sketch "Coming from my body". Watch them both you'll thank me. Then we'll eat some food and cake. We really are a snack obsessed company.

Showstoppers by Steve Ullathorne

Showstoppers by Steve Ullathorne

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