My show Summer Camp is inspired by real life true events.  When I was 19 I worked on a kids camp in Pennsylvania, USA for 6 weeks.  I had zero experience working with children and I looked about 12 years old myself. Not exactly a recipe for a successful summer job.  I had to look after American teenagers, make sure they were fed, entertained and not causing trouble.  Let’s just say that it didn’t go smoothly.  Since it happened 8 years ago I am able to look back with a sense of perspective on what happened and hopefully see the funny side.

Steve Bugeja

Steve Bugeja

I know a lot of people who have worked on a Summer camp themselves will come to see the show, and I really hope I am able to capture the feeling of camp and recreate some of those memories for them.  And hopefully for the people who have never been to summer camp, and may not have even heard of the concept will be able to quickly get on board with the unique blend of excitement and fear that I associate with that summer.

My favourite Edinburgh shows are always the ones that tell a story.  I find after 30 minutes of just jokes I get bored, I need something to get emotionally invested in.  Sarah Kendall is the best at it I think.  Her past three shows have been phenomenal.  She’s able to draw you in, twist the story time after time and still offer up an ending that blows your mind.  It’s a joy to watch.  That’s the type of show I aim to create.  But crucially you still need to maintain the funny.  That’s the really difficult bit, building the narrative structure and plot twists, but intertwining it with jokes so that people don’t notice what you’re doing.  

Edinburgh festival is my favourite month of the year, I love performing a show that I’m proud of every night, seeing my friends who I never see the rest of the year and spending way too much money of crepes.  

Steve Bugeja: Summer Camp comes to Just the Tonic at The Tron, 5pm 3rd – 27th August (except 14th) as part of the Edinburgh Fringe.