With the massive success of  Rupauls drag race state side, and the rumour of it coming to the UK, we seem to be smitten with all these Amazonian  queens from America.

The Globe Girls

The Globe Girls

They have cult status now, and travel the world performing their shows  to sell out clubs and venues! London has seen many a Rupaul queen fill a 2,000 seater venue overnight

So what is it that makes the world love a drag queen?

I formed the Globe Girls back in 2007 when I owned a restaurant and we need an act for a NYE party.   Trying to find costumes, wigs and make up was interesting to say the least ! But we made it work to such a degree, everybody wanted a repeat show.  We planned to do this monthly and by 2010, I sold the restaurant and became a full time drag queen!

Whoever said you cant make a career change late in life lied!

Since starting, I have retired but my ‘sisters’ continue to travel the world as The Globe Girls.  I manage from a distance making sure new routines are learnt, costumes are made and wigs styled.   The collateral damage after a show is immense.  Costumes to be repaired and washed,  7 inch heels to be re heeled and wigs re styled!   It is like painting the Forth Bridge

The drag scene in London has changed dramatically through the years, from glamorous character drag  to almost Drag Couture, with ‘girls’ spending thousands on their looks.  Nothing is too much, with top named designers flocking to make gowns for these girls! 

Many top names queens now feature in advertising campaigns for high street names and no one bats an eye lid.

The Globe Girls have been blessed to work some amazing clients over the years and have travelled the world, mainly in economy with cases full of feathers and sequins, which is always a bonus when stopped at Customs and they say, please open your suitcase and 2 pairs of size 10 heels fall out with a large padded bra!  They quickly hurry you on your way!

There used to be only specialised shops, down back alleys who catered for the larger lady or for ‘unusual’ tastes, these were normally in sex shops and anything you bought was handed over in a brown paper bag.  These days, the world is any prospective drag queens oyste.  The internet is full of suppliers for dresses, underwear, shoes and wigs.  No longer in the shadows, the queens of 2017 are loud and very proud.  

There is and always will be a huge difference to drag queens and transvestites, and often the uninitiated get this confused.  Drag queens are a parody of what, generally gay men, think women should be.  They don’t want to be ‘convincing’ but want to stand out from the crowd, and are either amazing dancers, singers or just very bloody funny.

As The Globe Girls, we are booked to perform at Barmitzvahs, blue chip corporate events and even at Royal residencies. I don’t think we have ever not gone down well and can turn a good party into a GREAT event. 

Drag is back with a vengeance and long may is shine like the queens who wear it so well.

The Globe Girls are live at 100 Wardour St tonight: http://www.100wardourst.com/whats-on-soho/events/the-globe-girls-are-back/