Hi and welcome to this list of things what I wrote. I have a bloody weird sense of humour and if you’ve ever accidentally slipped into “that” end of the Internet you’re probably familiar with some of my favourites. Strap the duck in people and get ready for an uncomfortable journey into the “WTF” because this is… 10 Things that make me laugh!

The Lampoons by Toby

The Lampoons by Toby

Slippery Stairs.

Firstly, this is the video that just keeps giving. Beautifully narrated by an Australian man called Ozzy. Its essentially idiots trying to climb slippery stairs and it’s funny as balls. 

What is he?!

He’s Charlie Chuck and he’s fudging mental. His talent for saying everything and absolutely nothing is untouchable.

Thirdly can we talk about people who hoover the carpet. 

Can’t suck up a bit of fluff. Bend down. Pick it up. THEN PUT IT BACK INFRONT OF THE HOOVER. That. NEXT.

This Guy. Funny. #wept.


Swedish magic

If you didn’t snort at that then maybe turn back to snooze land, or try this out for size. If you manage to get the annoying tune out of your head then congrats, totally worth it though. The man is a genius.

Hiding one of Tina, our castmate’s props

so she walks around asking everyone if they’ve seen it until eventually screaming and punching one of us in the neck. Then we’re in the zone.

Peter Cook. No introduction needed.

Theresa May being given a p45 

mid conference speech and her accepting as the man is carried politely carried into darkness. She’s a terrible improviser. 

Every time someone puts me in the shit on stage.

The Lampoons 

And obviously us, The Lampoons. So get your tickets now if you like to see a weird sort of blend of all this shit. 11pm - Every Night at the Edinburgh Fringe.


The Lampoons: House On Haunted Hill is on at Pleasance Dome – 10 Dome

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