Referred to as “a major talent” (Edinburgh Festival magazine), “captivating” (San Francisco Examiner) and hailed by the Radio Times, Kate Perry has been enthralling Radio 4 listeners and theatre goers worldwide with her monologues of comedy treats since the 1990s. Now following huge successes at both the Edinburgh Fringe and the San Francisco International Festival and being snapped up by theatres across London and Ireland, The Very Perry Show will continue its international journey at The Hen & Chickens Theatre in Islington in November, before heading to New York as part of the prestigious United Theatre Solo Festival.

Kate Perry

Kate Perry

Kate Perry lets Female First readers into her world by telling you ten things you might not know about her....

  1. I’m one of 12 children from a large Irish family, go figure.
  2. I’m tiny, 5ft tall!
  3. I have lived on American Air Force bases.
  4. I ruined Christmas one year by putting the Turkey in the oven and turned on the self-clean button by mistake. 24 hours later the turkey was done.
  5. I compare the menopause to weather a report; gets sudden high temperatures with frequent wet flushes. Not to mention the westerly winds as well.
  6. I'm always impressed with a good fountain pen.
  7. I'm currently rehearsing my spiel for when I get invited on to Wine Time i.e. The Graham Norton Show?
  8. I hope talcum powder makes a comeback.
  9. I went on a paid pilgrimage to Graceland. I’m a big Elvis fan.
  10. I’ve wiped Katie Perry off Google. LOL.

The Very Perry Show runs are the Hen & Chickens Theatre, Islington, from the 7th - 11th November, for tickets visit

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