Thriller Live has the perfect tools to create one of the best shows to ever come to the West End. Taking from the King of Pop's huge catalogue of music to bring an incredible tribute to one of the best entertainers the world has ever seen, the show has the chance to bring Michael Jackson fans old and new together for an incredible concert of song and dance, with flashy on stage antics and incredible talents.

Thriller Live, now in Manchester

Thriller Live, now in Manchester

A great cast and crew made up of some of the best singers and dancers I've ever seen on the stage are currently a part of the touring production.

Lead vocalist Cleopatra Higgins (yes, THE Cleopatra from the R&B pop group of the same name) takes on some of the classics and weaves her incredible vocals around the intricate melodies Michael left for the world to enjoy. She's a vocal beast, there's absolutely no denying it. One of the many standouts of the show.

Sean Christopher is an absolute natural when it comes to emulating Michael. Though he seemed to be miming at times (I could be wrong), his stage presence was undeniable and he earned some of the biggest cheers of the night.

Rory Taylor was another incredible addition, and his take of Jackson's ballad 'She's Out Of My Life' rightfully earned an incredible reception and round of applause. He's perhaps the singer whose vocals most closely match Michael's and at times it was as if the man himself was there on stage.

The large troupe of dancers also deserve some major props. Lauren Hearnden Mayer, Gianni Arancio, Eddy Lima and Courtney George were just some of the people 'shaking their body down to the ground' throughout the show, never breaking a sweat, losing their confidence or missing out on delivering brilliant character.

Favourite moments came from the most thought-provoking numbers such as 'Man In The Mirror' and 'They Don't Care About Us', but that's not to say that every single song didn't have me swaying, jiving or up on my feet rocking. The infectious nature of these tracks is irresistable.

Where for me the problem comes, is with the show itself. Yes it's a tribute, but with no story comes a lack of fluidity. We follow (mostly) the hits chronologically which is great if you want to brush up on your MJ history, but the show never hits the heights of say, The Bodyguard or Mamma Mia. Both of those shows manage to give a story using the music of some legendary artists respectively and that's what Thriller Live could do with adding to really elevate itself to the next level, along with a few more special effects and pyrotechnics. Jackson was a flashy man, but there were only a few flashy moments through the show.

For hardcore MJ fans, Thriller Live is a must see. It's the closest thing we're going to get to a Michael Jackson concert now that the legend has passed away and the talent involved is world class.

Thriller Live continues on at the Opera House in Manchester until Saturday, January 23.

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