Lockdown is here and it’s your social duty to stay inside. If you’re not a key worker or working from home, you’re probably going to be finding yourself at a loose end. Don’t worry, there’s millions around the world in exactly the same position as yourself!

Female First

Female First

Fortunately, we’re living in a pretty swell time to be cooped up indoors (even if the British weather is being a massive tease at the moment). Thanks to the internet, you can quickly access loads of resources that will come in useful in such a time of crisis. We’re not referring to the wildly conflicting PPE advice flying around social media either. We’re talking about real, practical tips. Things like workout plans, recipes, and video conferencing apps to hang out with your gal pals. Basically, anything to stave off boredom! 

Here are some of the ways we’ve been enhancing our own lockdown whilst facing a still-undetermined period quarantine! 

With summer holidays being cancelled or rescheduled all over the place, it can be tempting to just slob about in your pyjamas eating ice cream on the couch. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with doing exactly that, your future self might disagree.  

Gyms are not really required, we just use them to be seen 

Motivation may be lacking but you do finally have a lot of time on your hands. Remember all the times you passed on the gym because of some other commitment? Well, now you have no excuse. YouTube and other websites are loaded with free content from professional personal trainers who are now finding themselves with a lack of clients. There are some pretty dishy ones out there too! 

You don’t have to be striving for rock hard abs and a size zero either. Any exercise is an improvement on none. Start slow and get into a routine. You’ll soon find yourself pushing yourself harder if you manage to stick to just 10-20 minutes per day.  

What’s more, you’ll find it easier to avoid sweet temptations after a while too. When you feel those flabby bits start to tone up, you’ll likely think twice about eating all that cheesecake! 

We might be accustomed to only being a message away from our inner circle but it’s not the same as being able to drop in for coffee or meeting up for gin and tonics on the weekend. Thanks to modern video conferencing applications, it's never been easier to stay in visual contact with those that mean the most to you. 

Talk to your friends in your group chat and arrange a day and time to all get together on webcams. Spice things up by randomly choosing a different classic cocktail to knock up before the chat. You can compare preparation and tasting notes. Who doesn’t love a cocktail with the girls?

We all need to eat and wherever you are in the world, supermarkets have remained consistently open. Even if you’re on a strict quarantine, home delivery services mean getting your hands on a range of ingredients is still possible.  

A great way to pass the time and satisfy one of your daily needs in style is to get creative in the kitchen. If you’re like me, you’ll have a stack of recipe books gathering dust on a shelf. Those that don’t can always visit websites like BBC Food or similar resources.  

Plan an extravagant meal for one, two, or the whole family. If you regularly have a date night with your significant other, make it a stay at home culinary adventure. Same if you normally go out for dinner with the family. 

If you’re doing lockdown alone, you still deserve spoiling. If funds suffice, pick up plenty of extra treats when you shop and have a plan for at least one or two posher-than-usual dinners. Who knows, you might discover a passion and talent you never knew you had!

Gambling probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when we think about ways to reduce boredom. However, even if you’re not that interested in cards, slots, or roulette, you might well enjoy the money you could be winning. 

Thanks to no deposit bonuses offered from online casinos these days, new players get a free shot at taking cash from the casino at their games. These promotions are entirely risk free and many sites will allow you to use them on a range of more feminine slot titles and even bingo games. If lady luck is on your side, you might be able to start planning a post-quarantine shopping spree with your winnings too!

All you need to do to claim these casino bonuses is register a new account at Bitstarz Casino. You will receive either bonus cash or free spins that can result in real cash prizes. Even if it doesn’t, it’ll still be good for half an hour’s worth of amusement. 

We’ve all got a mental “to-do” list for jobs around the house. Your usual excuse of not enough time to decorate the guest bedroom, clear out the garden, get through that pile of clothes alterations, is probably gone now. So, what are you waiting for?  

With large supermarkets selling DIY equipment and many stores like B&Q remaining open for business, now might be the perfect time to get on with those little home or life improvement jobs you’ve been putting off forever. Again, it might seem like a lot of effort but you will surely thank yourself later! 

Although there are loads of highly productive things you could be doing to pass the time, you really shouldn’t feel pressured to do any of them. Ignore what your friends or celebrities are doing on Instagram. Even if you see a friend has redecorated her entire house, lost 5 stone, mastered the art of the soufflé, and done it all whilst homeschooling two kids, it’s not a competition. Different people deal with anxiety, fear, boredom, isolation, and other feelings common at times like this in different ways.

Staying sane on lockdown is all about keeping in a positive mental place. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, so if you want to sit in your pjs eating cakes and watching utter trash on Netflix, then you do that!