Dreaming about April generally means you will have some pleasure and profit to look forward to.

April on Female First

April on Female First

April is usually a time when people feel free of the debt of Christmas and therefore have more money to do more- so perhaps you are in this position.

If your dreamed of April and the weather was miserable, this might indicate a month or period of bad luck for you- particularly in love. If the weather was glorious- you may find your soulmate or find improvements in your current relationship.

As Easter falls in April this year, dreaming about it could mean that you are about to start something new- a new project, a new you, a new job, relationship or move to somewhere different. On the flipside, perhaps the dream suggests that you need a new start in some area of your life if it has become stagnant.

Along the same vein- April is the beginning of the financial new year so you may be thinking about giving your finances an overhaul especially if you have failed to stick to a budget over the last few months.

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Perhaps you are worried about money and you yearn for a new start- a clean slate so you can learn from your pervious mistakes where spending is concerned.

April is often when flowers begin to grow so it’s possible something you’ve invested in has become to blossom and your hard work is starting to pay off. Alternatively, you feel assured that something is finally safe or OK after some difficulty.

Perhaps you sense that something special is about to happen after a period of suffering. You suddenly feel some sense of stability and it’s comforting.

It’s possible you expect the mood of a situation is going to get better- you are over the awkwardness and things are looking up which is better for everyone involved.

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It could be symbolic of an embarrassment or misunderstanding you’ve recently had in your waking life that is still playing on your mind. If you were playing a prank on someone else in your dreamscape then it’s possible it will take a long time before your dreams and ambitions will be fulfilled because you are too preoccupied with pointing the finger and humiliating others that you’re neglecting your own integrity and reputation. It’s possible you are anticipating that someone is going to play a prank on you if a certain person in your social circle is renowned for doing so. You might be worried or anxious about what it is they are going to spring on you this year...

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